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Pregnant woman eating sperm

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What do grasshoppers eat?

What do grasshoppers eat?

47 views · Food & Dining

why is it when my 7 week in pregnant friend eats NOTHING can be kept down?

i dont understand it... it seems that only liquid will only go down... why is this? i am concerned.

22 views · Health

Pregnant and feel sick when I eat, what do I do?

I'm pregnant,but its hard for me to eat...when ever I eat sumthin I get sick and have to force myself to keep it dow,I get sick when I even think about eating...HELP!!

49 views · Health NSFW

Can a little sperm get you pregnant an 2days later you have period?

Me an my boyfriend had sex then 2days later I had my period. The next day my boyfriend told me he put little sperm in me. So I want to know could I be pregnant or not ?

76 views · Sex NSFW

Does it have sperm that can get you pregnant

Ok when your giving a hand job and wet stuff comes outbid thatnlike ore cum? Like does it
Have sperm that can get you pregnant?

1431 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

What do you eat with Nutella?

33 views · Food & Dining

Where should i eat lunch?

19 views · Food & Dining

Who is wonder woman?

20 views · Entertainment

What can dogs not eat?

32 views · Pets & Animals

What should i eat for dinner?

24 views · Food & Dining

Is my wife pregnant?

12 views · Health NSFW

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