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Lil wayne sold soul

Lil Wayne Lyrics: Filet Mignon

What does filet mignon mean? I know it probably means sumthin bad cus lil wayne says it in one of his songs 'Every Girl'

he says:

"open up her legs then filet mignon that pu$$y"

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forever by drake kanye west lil wayne and eminem

omg I cnt find a clean version of this song I've been on youtube and I cnt find it!! it forever by drake kanye west lil wayne and eminem can someone tell me were I can find it or send me a link 4 it??!!!

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Does it sound like I sold my soul or something?

Okay,well sometimes I think about selling my soul but I don't actually say it nor do I want to.But sometimes,I will say "If I don't do this then my soul is..."But I don't say that out loud either.I ask forgiveness from GOD from it.Does this mean that I...

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Does Lil Wayne worship the Devil?

I'm looove Lil Wayne's music but I listened to I feel like dying backwards and it's fuked so I really want to know what's up with him but I'll never stop listening to his music. So what do you guys think... does he worship the devil???

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Lil Wayne or T.I??

Which do you think is better lil wayne or T.I? I'm going to a lil wayne concert at the end of july, I cnt wait! I wanna go to a T.I concert too when he gets outta jail.the concert in july is havin lil wayne, soulja boy, young jeezy, an drake all perform

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What items are being sold the most online?

What items are being sold the most online?

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How to get sold out tickets?

how do I get sold out tickets?

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what is my souls mates name?

what is my souls mates name

16 views · Love & Relationships

What do you think about the soul?

In your opinion, what is a soul?

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What type of guitar does lil wayne play ? ? ?

Ok so I want to know witch guritar does lil wayne play in prom queen, leather so soft, unstoppable and see you in my nightmares please help thanksss

Ps if you know how much they cost please tell me thanksss !

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what are your opinions on Lil Jon?

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is there a difference between your soul and your spirit?

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How do you feel about lil wayne Rebirth?

me am a 100% rap/hiphop type of guy. but just by listening to his songs on rebirth album. made me want to go to rock ( like the price is wrong). I don't care how many peoples diss me because of that. you can't lie on how good it is. so tell me guys wha...

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More people look up to lil wayne more than lupe fiasco?

How come more people look up to lil wayne more than lupe fiasco?

Why do kids like music that talk about hoes, sluts, and money?

Lupe fiasco's songs are more inspirational, but yet not many kids like him because he's not 'as hood' as lil wayne. I'm g...

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All the songs lil wayne and birdman have been in together?

Can anyone name all of them? Cus I know this one song that I liked a lot but I cant remember it. Its like an old song. Probably like 4 or 5 years ago.
I seen the video. Theyre like in front of a car outside and rapping and stuff. I cant remember the rest

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lil wayne live??

heey, im going to this lil wayne concert next weekend. (t-pain, kerry hilson, and gym class heroes are opening for him) and I was just wondering how maybe people would actually wanna go to this... like I am soo stoked! but I have people coming up to me...

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what are the things you need for a lil puppy

what are the things you need for a lil puppy

32 views · Pets & Animals

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