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Fat person belly piercing

What do you think of belly button piercings?

do guys think its skanky for a girl to have their belly button peirced or do they like it?
what do girls think of it?

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Does this belly button look good for piercing?

I want to peirce my belly button, does this one look good? (look at my pics)

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Age to get belly buton pierced in Virginia?

How old do you have to be to get your belly button done in Virginia?

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Does getting your belly-button pierced hurt?

That's what I'm getting done for my birthday ! (;

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Why do guys think a belly button piercing is a turnoff?

Ok so I just got my belly button pierced today and this guy I no thanks a belly button piercing is a turnoff why

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Do belly button piercings hurt?

im thinkin bout gettin a belly button piercing, is this a gd idea an will it hurt?

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What's a good way to lose belly fat?

what would be good way to lose the belly fat when working in the mall by the food court

53 views · Nutrition & Fitness

What hurts more, lip or belly piercing?

I've had my lip pierced and I want to peirce my belly. But, (this is a question for people who have had lip piercings and belly), what would you say hurts more?

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Do you guys think belly button piercings are hot?

I think it would be hot but at school and modeling it might not be.

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Help me lose belly fat and keep booty

I am now 152 pounds and im only 16
I wanna lose fat !!
But keep my booty...
What can I do to lose belly fat??

115 views · Nutrition & Fitness NSFW

How to tell my parents I pierced my belly button?

How to tell my parents that I have pierced my belly button???I did it 4 minths ago???without asking for permission

79 views · Parents & Family

What should I get pierced? Cartilages or belly button?

I want to get my cartilages or belly button pierced. I don't know which one to get :s Please give me your opinions!

74 views · Beauty & Style NSFW

How can I lose belly fat without a diet?

How do I lose belly fat? I'm thin, and I eat fairly well. I don't want to diet, but I want the belly fat gone. what can I do?

81 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Where in Washington dc can you get your belly pierced with no id?

I want to get either a tounge piercing or a belly piercing but where in Washington dc can you get one without an I.D.??

9 views · Beauty & Style

How can I lose some belly and hip fat?

How can I lose some belly and hip fat?its more like skin then a half cm fat but I would like to tone my tummy too?any help?

92 views · Nutrition & Fitness

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