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What does skipping lunch do for you?

At my school,there's a lot of kids that skip lunch.When we come back to our classroom,there's always at least two people in there who look like they haven't moved since everyone else left.So yea,what does skipping lunch do for you?

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How can you going out with her making many excuses

I would like to ask her to go out like friends but women took too serious that thing and always are making a lot of excuses I just want to hang out and have fun like going to the movies or drink a coffe something like that.
Thats all.

14 views · Love & Relationships

Is skipping breakfast an eating disorder?

so I have a friend and she usually always skips breakfast. she doesnt gain or lose any weight by it. and I know she feels somewhat insecure about her body although she is of average weight. if people skip meals during the day like she does is that cons...

57 views · Nutrition & Fitness

I skipped a period, is it just late?

not had a period over 5 weeks now & im scared cus last time I had sex I didnt bother with contraception but he didnt come inside me, he pulled out as he was about to... is it just stress or am I?!?!?!?! please reply asap xxx

61 views · Sex

good excuse?

yesterday I read on mespace that my ex (that im still in love with) is going to an arcade to see his favorite band play there and told people to go
and I want to go so bad but I dont want him to think that im just there cause he is
so whats a good ex...

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Is it normal to skip a month of your period?

I skipped a month on my pd. and me and my boyfriend always use protection... l had cramps for a little while aroud when I was supposed to get it. but I really wanted to know, is it normal to skip a month once in a while?? sometimes mine skips around I ...

156 views · Health

How many days do I get suspended if I skip a class 5 times?

Ook. I skipp gym bout 5 times in a row dis week. So I wannna know how many days will I get suspended? and I go to george washington high school?

26 views · Education & School

What excuses are useful for coming back home late from gym?

I usually have one hour and a half for gym. But I have some friends that I like hanging out with afterwards, one of them is a girl I like a lot. So one day I went over her house, but I get grounded for coming back late! "/

34 views · Parents & Family

Why have I skipped 3 periods ?

I've skipped 3 periods but have been getting cramp all the time, im hormonal and my breasts are sore. Im a virgin so pregnancy is a no. anybody know what could have caused this ? im worrying sick. I've been having periods for four years so shouldnt the...

25 views · Health

Need a good excuse for missing school

Principal's Waiver
And I need a letter from my parent explaining the need.
What would be a good excuse to letting me get principal's waiver, That I would need to stay home for?

Oh and Principal's Waiver, is Were you get a half schedule your senior yea...

71 views · Education & School

How can I convince my parents to let me skip babysitting to hang with my friend?

Me and my friend have been trying to hang for the longest time and we were gonna have a sleepover at her house this Thurs-Fri. my parents were ok with it till they found out my neighbors wanted me to babysit their kids both thurs and fri. how can i get...

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Is it okay to skip lunch?

I eat breakfast, normally a piece of toast. I usually eat pretty average meal for lunch and dinner, and a little snack like a cupcake for tea. If I started skipping lunch and instead maybe just have a glass of juice would I lost weight?

102 views · Health

Need excuse for not going to gym class

well at school the pool is so dirty and people get liver spots and fungus and stuff like that on their face is there something that I can say so I don't have to go for this week?? like I have a kind of skin problem or something believable

15 views · Education & School

Do you think this can be an excuse for everything?

For example, when people say that being gay is because they have it in the genes, or they were born that way, so a thief or a shameless person can use the same argument well im a thief, because its in my genes i can control it and so on, please dont ge...

18 views · General Knowledge

what will happen if I skipped a day?

I am taking a birth control pill for the last 2 months, its not to proctect me from getting preg only to help make them regular, yesterday I didnt take one, with it being xmas I forgot, will this affect me in anyway? =/ xxx

23 views · Health

What is a good excuse to sleep out at my friends house?

My mom really really hates it when I have a sleepover. For some reason she cant stand it when I go out? its weird. But I need to find a way to get out and be able to finally have a sleepover because I haven;t had one in about 2 months. !

16097 views · Parents & Family

Will the birth control patch work if I skipped a week?

I have been on the birth control patch. I accidently put on the birth control patch like i didnt skip one week like i was supposed to. I havent gotten my period. I am wondering if any other women that are on the Birth control patch know if that does pr...

38 views · Health

What would happen if I skipped a month of birth control?

okay, I won't be seeing my boyfriend for about 3 months (when I turn 18) and I thinking about skipping a month so when I turn 18 and don't have any medical coverage to pay for it I have a little extra time to get it. I would start taking it again 1 m...

19 views · Health

Anyone good at making excuses??

Ok, so im going to a concert with my friend in a few days...

I need to convince my dad to let me go over to her house and ride with her there instead of just letting him take me..

Im not embarrassed about showing up there with him or anything, its ju...

37 views · General Knowledge

What's the worst that can happen if I skip testing hair dye?

If i dye my hair without doing a tester what's the worst that can happen? I mean they tell you you should always do the tester but they also say use the product as soon as its its a waste of product and money....why don't they make little t...

34 views · Beauty & Style

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