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Does smoking cause premature ejaculation?

it's been a while i started smoking, i have heard about the side effects of smoking of which this is the one. Last time i felt like i lost that stamina i used to have i am really worried about this.Suggest please.

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Why was my boyfriends ejaculation milky?

I've got a odd question during sex last night my boyfriend cum and I notice that his cum was really milky and white. Now I've seen ejaculation before but never this color. Most of the time is been kinda white but mostly a cloudy clear color. Can you te...

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Why is he ejaculating so fast?

Ok, me and my boyfriend(were sorta young, but not too young) KINDA OF had sex today, well almost. He was in an everything, but he came after about 5 seconds. I said it was ok and that I didnt care, wich I dont. But I wanna know why he came so quickly, ...

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Excesive squirting? (female ejaculation)

So I'm a girl and when I masturbate I have sequential orgasims and squirt every time..a lot! I put down three towels on my matress the other night folded were my a*s was and I soaked all of the towels and my matress. How can I prevent soaking my matre...

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Why do I taste ejaculate when its bein let go inside of me

This is the strangest question ever!! but I noticed that everytime in the past when my x husband would ejaculate in me I could taste it in my mouth,odd thing is that he went in me not my mouth,I still have that spell to this so what do you think

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How do I solve my ejaculation problems?

Ok I masterbaited a while a go and I was just sitting doing my thing and I go to lean over to get it in the toilet and I feel the cum rushing and then do you pee it out cause I did that and I only got like a little bit out and then I was thinking how d...

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Are there problems besides pregnancy with ejaculating inside me?

I have been on the pill for a year and for about the past 5 months my boyfriend of 3 years has cum in me everytime we have had sex. I have always gotten my period when I was suppose to. My question is what are some problems that I could be faced with b...

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Why was his ejaculate red?

My boyfriend and I were messing around and he ejackulated and it wasnt the regular creamy white color. It was red, like blood but a little faded. What does this mean? and is it something we should get checked out?
Help please

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Who fathered my baby? LMP was 9/27-10/2 had unprotected sex an he ejaculated inside of me on the 10/7 10/8 10/13. Had sex with another

Guy on 10/16, he had a condom on but it broke an he stopped after no more then the 3rd stroke. He didn't ejaculate inside of me. Today is 11/15 im 7 weeks but I'm nervous to who fathered my baby

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He ejaculated on my leg

So today me and my boyfriend were naked[We didn't have sex because we had to get to our next class, we were in the] and we hugged and he cummed on my leg, kinda on the side of my leg, and I waited a little bit beforei wiped it off, but I...

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Is it my fault that he doesn't ejaculate?

Okay, so me and my boyfriend have been together for almost a year. We have sex all the time, and trust me it's real good sex. Different positions almost every single day and oral sex! But why doesn't he c*m anymore? We would do it for hours a day! Am I...

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Is it safe if he ejaculates on my breasts?

hi there!
Is it okay if He 'C*ms' on my breasts ? I mean if its safe... No I didnt go in my vag** as I was dressed up there.
Pls help as I am new to all these things.. want to get expertids though ... Wish me gud luck.

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my cum doesn't really come out right after ejaculation?

is this normal? if I'm really turned on, then it will come out almost instantly, I almost always pre-cum, but sometimes when im not as turned on, it won't come out as soon, like itll come out after a little while (like 10-15 seconds) and sometimes bare...

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How long does it take for a boy to ejaculate?

roughly how long dose it take 4 a boy to cum when giving him a hand job? Lol

and it realy aches my arm LOL! is there anyways to stop it from acheing ? Lol
( I guess if I keep doing it my muscles will get stronger, buh is the any other way )


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Female ejaculation...Cum...Urine ?

Ok guys ... I saw this porno the other day, (the name of the vid is cytherea & tiana lynn) There is this part in the vid where she is shoving the dildo in herself and then she cums or pisses ? I dont know , so when females have an orgasm do they cum ou...

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when a man gets a vasectomy does he still ejaculate?

ok, I know what a vasectomy is...
but I have a few questions... when a man gets this procedure done, I understand that it IS reversable but I am wondering, does he still ejaculate? I know there will be no sperm.. just wondering about everything else ...

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Why can't I ejaculate?

I'm 15 almost 16 and I can't cum, I have never been able to in my life. I wank myself off for hours sometimes but nothing ever happens. I think I've got a problem but daren't see a doctor, I'm too embarrassed. :(
anybody got the same problem?/
what sho...

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Ejaculated in girlfriend 5 times on different days!!!

What are the chances of her being pregnant it was 1 day before her period, then 5-6 days later her period was over and the next day I had sex again and ejaculated in her, then around 1 week later I did the same, then 3 days after that also and then jus...

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Solving premature ejaculations?!

I love my girlfriend and she really turns me on. I can make her orgasm through oral sex but when it comes to going in I cum too quickly. Sometimes it happens when im barely goin in. It is a bit embarrassing but i really wanna please her and I ...

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Why did it burn toward the end of my ejaculation?

the other day I was m*sturbating and when the sp*rm was coming out it was burning toward the end of it. Is something wrong or am I just paranoid. my other question was I have a girlfriend and she got fi*gered before and she said it hurt really bad , I ...

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