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Theres this girl.. Shes going away

My summer starts on june 26th and then im going away for a week with my best mate, and 2 girls.. Im gonna try to make it a thing to remember, but after that week on of the girls (who I know really well and I like, but not love, I just care about her) a...

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What should I do?

So theres this guy I'm seeing but on his bebo he writes that he still loves his ex ): tonight he tried to kill himself I wasnt there but my friend rang me, hes at the police station as we speak but I cant get there ): It made me realise lifes too fxcki...

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Do early periods lead to early pregnancy?

Hey I'm Vero...From the United States I have to say that a lot because most people I talk to are from other countries!

Anywayz I had my period at an early age wich was at 11 and I am now 13 and I just wanted to know if it is true that When most girls ...

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my friends away again and I want to forget shes away

well yeah, my friends away, and has been for near;y a week.. but shes away for another 2 weeks and 2 days... when she was home we'd always talk, we'd talk on MSN IM when we got home from school, most days, we'd normally always text in the evenings for ...

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im scared and its freaking me out.

ok so a while ago some guy
[I found out he's not my cousin]
tried it on with me.
so the story is like this:
he called me upstairs and I went and he was in the bedroom sitting on the bed
and then all of a sudden he says to me I have a condom do you want...

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Dose any one agree with this statement?

Teenage lifee.
Once you get to high school (secondary) school everythings different. Your supposidly "best friend" turns their back on you. Your boyfriend plays you, your homework never gets done. Detention becomes suspension, lipgloss becomes foundati...

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What's your opinion on women in society?

I've seen a billion pictures in the past few months of women wearing close to nothing, putting these up on the internet, I recently posted a story on someones picture, just so she knew what was going to happen.

A girl went for her dream job, everythin...

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sex to impress

this is very confusing and quite short,so basically,
when I started my secondary school I liked him
and he liked me,and then we started ''bebo messaging privatley'' lol
and e was sayn the usual shines blabla and im like no.
and I dno why but then ...

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Am I doing the right thing not emailing him?

Ok. So me and a boy from my family fancy each other a lot! We aren't related by blood and he is my mum's aunt's grandson so it isn't TOO bad. My mum knows about it and my mum's aunt and mum's aunt's husband guessed. I saw him everyday I was staying wit...

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