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What is meant when speaking of notional income?

I'm busy studying (once again) and came across a term called notional income in taxation i.e. it is said that notional income is not included in your gross income. Can anyone explain to me what the term notional income means?

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If social security benefits end for one child will the next child receive the funds?

Both children receive death benefits for there father but one child will stop because she's 18 will the amount pass on to the younger child?

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Which are the best residual income affiliate programs?

Some affiliate programs keep paying you every month after someone signs up through your link.

Which are the best paying? How much do they pay?

Which ones are easiest to get people to sign up for?

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What does maximum income mean (apartments)?

I'm trying to find an apartment, and everywhere has a "maximum income" limit. Does that mean I have to make at least that much, or does it mean I have to make -less- then that much? I have never had to get an apartment on my own, so I never needed to k...

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How will they be funded ?

Obama says 'I will cut 95% of the people's taxes', yet proposes to grow numerous Government programs and create new ones like 'Health Care for all !' - How will they be funded ?

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Funding for a homeless teen shelter

I know a few homeless teens that need help. They have nobody to rely on, addidcted parents, being gay and kicked out ect... Should I start a shelter? If yes, how should I get funding? Has anyone you done this?

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Money for retirement?

If I invest in a 401-k or an roth ira for the next 10 years, pay into the account every month at least 6%, approximately how much retirement money will be in the account?

Thank you

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Is it right for the courts to block most federal funding for stem cell research?

The decision was finalized on Monday, but do you think the controversy of stem cell research outweighs the benefits? Are people really making more out of this than it really is?

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FunAdvice Trivia: Polio vaccine inventor Dr. Jonas Salk came out of retirement in 1987 because of what disease?

A) Catscratch Fever
B) Rabies
D) Lyme Disease

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who pays more income tax if$10k all a once or $833.x 12mos?

want to take about $10k out of my Ira seems I should take it in monthly installments or does it matter? I think taxes might go up by end of year.

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How to seek medical help with low income?

I know I need to see a professional because my depression is going through the roof and it is negatively affecting people around me but I don't have the money or insurance to go to a therapist or get on meds.

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Do you think the government should be responsible for funding programs aimed at quitting smoking?

Should people be responsible for their own actions in taking up the habit in the first place, or should taxpayer's dollars go towards helping them curb their addiction?

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How do I give my sims 2 unlimited funds?

I was talking with a friend and she said she was playing with her neice and she figured out how to make unlimited funds for her sims. Though I'm not sure if it was sims 1 or 2. Well, if there is such a thing for sims 2 ,how do I do it. And how do I buy...

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How do the IRS and income tax work?

hello! I have to know how IRS \ income tax work..okay this my problem I have a 7 yr old daughter and her father pay childsupport and he claims her on taxes but the thing is she live with me so I'm wonder if he was to claim then, I claim her also who w...

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How do I make the best of High school I am a incoming Fresman?

I need advice because I want a degree in astrophysics and I can not get one if I have no idea what to watch out for in high school. I also want to know how good of a GPA do I need to get in a college like Stanford

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What's a way to make passive income online?

a lot of people are always researching ways to make money online.
Most people like if they can make money on automatic by doing very little work except to market and promote.

Do you think that purchasing domains and creating websites are the absolute ...

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War funding

Last night, Claire McCaskill (D) Missouri said on the Bill Maher show that if the Democrats had blocked Bush's war funding request, he would have found the money elsewhere. Is she right, or just making an excuse for the Democrat's lack of spine?

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Where do I find the Hughes Aircraft Co Retirement Application site

I want to apply for my retirement benefits due me from the old Hughes Aircraft Company. Any idea what the site is called to contact them? I've googled variations of Hughes Aircraft Retirement and just keep getting the class action lawsuit sites. Tha...

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Retiring from Song Writing?

I am now considering putting it to rest because I am having an even more hard time thinking of a name for my next CD seeing that I am 1 song away from finishing Horristic Stories,what should I do?

Note:I hope I wasn't bragging.

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Disclosing income.

I really would like to hear from some of you guys out there.

Here's my problem. I start seeing someone, everything is going great, as soon as I get asked what I do and my income( +/- 100K-120k a year)...never to hear form them again. Why is that su...

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