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grand theft auto III

Okay. I was playing Grand Theft Auto III [playstation 2] a few minutes ago, and I typed in the Pedestrians Hate You cheat just for fun. But it's so aggrivating now. Is there a cheat, to undo cheats?

11 views · Gaming & Games

grand theft auto 4

Do anybody play grand theft auto 4 on xbox 360 I am stuff on the mission were roman is kidnapped I ahvent tried to do it because my sister said it was hard

22 views · Gaming & Games

When is Grand Theft Auto 4 coming out?

Whens it coming UGHHH can't wait btw I heard it's date to come out got pushed back is that a true or a MYTh???

8 views · Gaming & Games

Detail on the smps

Its an mother board is intel d945gcnl...can anyone tell me how much is the smps on this board...?...I couldnt find it on the internet and I am too lazy to open the cabinet...

9 views · Computers & Tech

How can I convince my mum that putting her bank details aren't going to get stolen everytime she puts them on the internet?

It happened ONCE on eBay and now she's paranoid that everytime it's gonna get stolen? She will NOT listen to me.

28 views · Parents & Family

Bloating help (detailed answeres please?)

Im haveing my period and I was wondetring how much you blaot before hand? Like how much to you gain in all around this time

51 views · Health

what is a detailed sex story I can tell my girlfriend?

im not the most creative and my girlfriend wants a fun story. with lots of details and kinkyness and just involving anything. keep in mind im a girl as well so if that changes anything. yeah.

767 views · Sex NSFW

Anyone have details on getting a lip piercing?

I really want to pierce my lip, but I'm a little afraid and I also don't know where to go, how much it costs, or anything. Advice?

24 views · Beauty & Style

Why is it a crime not to go to school (read details)?

why do teachers and adults that work in schools always call people or cops to take students that don't really go to school away from they parents?

50 views · Education & School

Could someone explain to me in brief detail what a drunk, passed out, or a drugged person looks like?

i really cant see, so can some1 help me out? i need this for my project..

34 views · Drugs

Do you have to unlock multiplayer mode in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

If yes, then what is the mission called, if no, then where on the map is the area of multiplayer? Can you please attach screen shots or a video?

112 views · Gaming & Games

Can somebody define "anarchy" in detail for me?

I think I know what it means, I asked my friend and he said law and freedom without violence, but I honestly have no idea what the hell that means, lol.

12 views · Politics & Law

how do you finger a girl in mega detail like a map lol

ok then what the best and maximum pleasure way to finger a girl but in all th detail in the world?

also what the G spot ? and how do I like get that to the best ???

thanks :) xx

403 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

Auto insurance yearly payment

So I would like to purchase a years worth of auto insurance at one time, but when I look for rates on the internet it is always for 6 month intervals. is it possible to purchase a years worth at once? if so does it reflect in your price?

28 views · Jobs & Money

What is disc 2 for on Grand Theft Auto 4?

I bought Grand Theft Auto 4 and I was reading through the installation booklet and it said to insert disc 1 and follow to on-screen instructions and it never mentioned anything about disc 2, what is it for?

6 views · Gaming & Games

What is du best grand theft auto game ever?

What do you think is the best grand theft auto out there or do you think it still has not been made yet?and tell me what it will have on the game that you made up and what is the main characters name?...I think its san andreas... Pls answer

38 views · Gaming & Games

Is there a website to give details about last names?

I'm curious about where I can find a website in which gives relatively good detail on the heritage of a last name; where it came from, what it means, who the ancestors are.
I know there is, but that costs money. Money that I don't have ri...

26 views · Parents & Family

How do you pass this part in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas?

can someone please tell me how to get passed the mission "life's a beach"?? I get to the beach and talk to the DJ and I dont know what to do after that..

53 views · Gaming & Games

How come when I play Grand Theft Auto 4 on Windows 7, it has a late reaction on keys?

When I play Grand Theft Auto 4 on Windows 7, it has a late reaction on the keys, for example, when I press "W" it has a late reaction on the keys it waits like 1 or 2 seconds then it goes forward?

9 views · Gaming & Games

How can I fix the auto-fill/correct function on my iPod?

Not sure that's the right term but you know how when your typing something on your touch/iPhone it will correct it/fill in the word for you? Yea how can I stop it from adding a ^ after me^?

17 views · Computers & Tech

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