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How do you guys think Gears 3 will be?

Ok so I love my xbox and I've been obssessed with both gears of war and gears of war 2. Now I heard that Gears of War 3 is coming out April 11, 2011!!! the trailer is bad*** but will it turn out better than the other two? Now we finally got a chick in...

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What are some songs that can relate to the themes and events of the book "A Seperate Peace" by John Knowles?

I'm supposed to make a photo presentation with the song (Or it could just be a soundtrack) and need a good song that could fit with the mood of the book. I want to imagine it sort of like a movie trailer.

34 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Songs? One tree hill

I just found 3 songs that I love... They are
Where did you go - fort minor
Water line - sage francis
And the song used in a trailer of the sixth season of one tree hill ... Which is really good..

Does someone know the name of the last song, or ...

38 views · Music

Am I getting ripped off?

My husband and I recently signed a lease to house sit for 2 years. The deal is this: We pay $400 a month, take care of their cat, garden, plants, home, yardwork, shoveling snow, etc. They pay for all the utilities. They don’t want us doing anything to ...

37 views · Home & Garden

How do I get rid of this fungus(?) on crushed rock/cement?

I have an outdoor fenced area covered with crushed cement and pebbles that I park a trailer on. While spraying weeds in that area I noticed what looked like a lot of mushy dog poop, looking closer I see that it is some kind of fungus that looks like do...

86 views · Home & Garden

A question for homeowners

I've been working really hard, and got the money and a home with my fiancee and my younger brother, and my newborn.the place we are getting has a guest house, say if I have family/friends come over once in awhile, would I still have to pay utilities in...

7 views · Home & Garden

I saw a ghost...

Really I saw a ghost when I was like 7 or 8 years old. So I'm gonna explain what I saw and where bla bla bla then mabey it wasen't a ghost or somthing so you tell me .

Ok so I was sleep in my backyard in a trailler alone. Because I though it was fun a...

33 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Would this water be safe to bathe in, or brush my teeth with?

Okay, so when you look at the attached photo, you'll see something rusty colored over our drain (and yeah, the bathtub looks horrible too), which was some scrubber that didn't really work for me, so it's used to catch water from the leaky faucet.. and ...

28 views · Health

Mandy, will your cover of "Umbrella" be released for purchase?

I love the cover version! I can't seem to find anywhere that sells this track. Has it been released for purchase? or if not when will it be?

Hope all is well with the tour, I heard you canceled a concert, hopefully nothing too serious! Oh, when wi...

7 views · Music

Twilight Annoyences...

Okay just for randomness has anyone found things in Twlight that is completly wrong that most dont notice? Example: look at the scene where Edward saves Bella from the van. She has headphones in her ears but in the book she says that she doesnt like mu...

30 views · Entertainment

What about Geos?

I hate seeing these commercials for cars that get an "amazing" 32 mpg. My dad had a 1994 Geo metro that got 45! I definitely think that they should start making Geos again. I know that there are hybrids, but a 2009 Cadillac Escalade Hybrid 2WD Sport U...

23 views · Environmental Issues

Would you kick your cousin out because your boyfriend thinks there's something going on?

my moms bf told her to kick her cousin out or else he was going to leave, her bf has barley been here for about 3 months and has barely started giving my mom money for rent, food, utilities. hes always accusing her of stuff. i told her that this was go...

41 views · Parents & Family

Do people really like "Die antwoord" band from South Africa?

I have seen a few interviews where people say how much they love Die antwoord but I mean seriously? People in SA hate them and see them as Trailer trash. My opinion is that they give SA a really bad name by touring international and saying this is Sout...

12 views · Music

This is one twisted dream... What's it supposed to mean?

Ok so I had this dream last night:

A was a guy, in a trailer, and I was making myself "happy". And it was like I actually had a penis, it felt really real. Then I j*cked off, and while I was doing that, I snapped off my penis (like lego) and I squeeze...

24 views · General Knowledge NSFW

When can my cats enter an area that has been dispersed for bugs?

I'm planning to spray my home for pests and other insects, and I was thinking when it'd be secure for my cats to re-enter locations which have been dispersed? I would want to utilize the RAID brand bug monster, and I can not find one that is really saf...

113 views · Pets & Animals

Who knows there'll be a season 5 of zoey 101?

About 4 months ago, I checked up on zoey 101's wikipedia, and it said there would be a season 5 starring Jamie Lynn and the cast and BRITNEY would be principal but it's not there anymore. people said they saw a trailer for it and it would be on 21st De...

93 views · Entertainment

Who know's what the name of these two song's from JerseyShore are. ?

In the trailer when they are at the club what song is that .? it sounds like uh huh your goin home with me .then in season 2 episode 1 what is the song when its torward the end of the episode and they are the club .?Sounds like whyyyy cant you say you...

53 views · Entertainment

How do I find out my direction in life?

I am 38 and I still havent found out what I want to be when I "grow up"! I have had several diverse jobs but none of them really fulfilled me and I can't help thinking that this is how the rest of my life is going to go.

I know what things give me ...

38 views · Jobs & Money

Thoughts on Burn After Reading movie

So what were your thoughts on Burn After Reading. I just saw it 2 days ago and really enjoyed it. I was a little thrown off at first cause the mood of the movie isnt what I expected from watching the trailer. To like that movie I think you have to be a...

14 views · Entertainment

ATV transmissions Manual VS. Auto

I currently have a 2005 polaris trailblazer, my dad has a DS 650(race ready) and I was thinking about using his or getting a raptor, would it be that differrent to ride considering mine has an auto transmission, would it take long to adjust into powers...

56 views · Sports & Activities

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