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When should I change my industrial barbell?

My industrial piercing is 2 weeks old. How long are you supposed to wait before you can change the bar?

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Industrial Revolution and the River Rhine

I have to write an essay about industrial revolution in the river rhine but I am stuck I cant find any thing .
My qustion is:
how was river rhine polluted after industrial revolution?

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I'm wondering what is the pain level and healing time of an industrial piercing

I'm getting it down Monday HELP

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How do I clean a swollen and infected industrial bar?

Well I THINK it's infected or at least getting there, so at the very least, I want to prevent it.

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Where did the Industrial Revolution begin?

a. The United States
b. England
c. Belgium
d. France

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Why does my industrial piercing still hurt?

I've had my industrial piercing for like 4 months now and it still hurts when I wash it or move it around...any advice??

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What are some good industrial bands?

does anyone know any good industrial bands I love nine inch nails and I wanted to know if anyone knew any simillar music?

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industrial ear piercing and hip piercings

around how much do they cost?
how long to they take to heal?
how bad do they hurt?

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Is $80 a lot for an industrial piercing?

Should I try elsewhere? Someone recommended this place to me, but I'm rather broke.

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how do you hide a industrial piercing fr. parents?

Help?!?! I dont want my industrial 2 close up because I already have it and only 4 a month

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What are the risk for lip and industrial piercings??

I wanna get an industrial piercing but I need to know the risks involved with it... And I already have a lip piercing and I want to know the risks from this one...
Well thx :)

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How much would DJ equipment cost?

If I wanted to start up by just playing small gigs for people at like parties or whatever. How much would all of the equipment cost?

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could someday be founded by someone in the music industry

People have told me in many of the songs I have posted on FunAdvice that I could someday be founded by someone in the music industry because of my lyrics and how I write them,is this true and how?

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What are best paying jobs in the paint & coatings industry?

My job right now pays me around 50k a year to manage a warehouse. What are the best paying jobs that I could get into from my industry which is paint and coatings?

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Good industrial dance electro trip gothic metal bands?

Looking for good industrial dance electro trip gothic metal bands like combichrist and e.s.c and vicious alliance

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What type of equipment can I use to record my own music ?

I'm trying to record my own music using my computer. what kind of software or programs can I use. I don't have a big budget.

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How can you find the dealer cost on a vehicle?

I would like to find the dealer cost on a truck my wife wants to get, I usta have a friend that worked at the dealer, but he has since moved.

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Who can help .the course of industrial revolution(american histor)?

Can anyone please help I keep failing this.

Describe the course of the industrial revolution. Was this a positive or negative series of events? Why or why not?

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How did the industrial revolution change the economy of america and the world?

since culture was changed mostly because of technology and then how did the environment play a role in creating the new economy?

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