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How to get rid of Antivirus 2009!

Why every time I open my browser, the Antivirus 2009 always appear on the second tab and order me that it is recommended to install their software for the reason that my pc is infected with malicious program, then they they automatically scanned my pc...

127 views · Computers & Tech

I need help with my Micro Innovations Webcam

I need help geting my new webcam to work I've tried installing it and I fallowed all the instructions givin but it still says that my computer can't detect the camera how can I get this thing to work? I really want this to work I hate to see electronic...

31 views · Computers & Tech

How do I clone my hard drive?

My computer is getting blue screened a lot lately, and a PXE boot is attemped (Not ever sure why). The "SMART SYSTEM" is saying a failure on hard disk 1 has been detected and I should change hard disk(drives) immediately, but I have NO clue what do to ...

15 views · Computers & Tech

Why can't I get on Myspace?

when I try it comes up with this...

The page cannot be displayed
The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings.
To attempt fixing net...

35 views · Computers & Tech

Do I have to install a program to get sound on Windows XP? (read more)

Well mainly some of you know I have Ubuntu Mint and Windows XP is just another boot-up, well I have no sound whatsoever. Yes I did check my settings can't seem to detect any sound or speakers hooked up.
I do have sound as of now on Ubuntu, it'...

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Your thoughts?

I think I'll call this "your knife"...

Past pain
Is future gain
The tears
Caused fears
You killed
My will

From the burn
I learned
To detect
And protect
The parts
Of my heart

You killed
What I built
Your pride
Wasted my time
My jo...

6 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Will a pap smear find a yeast infection or STD?

K, well I know it was stupid. Of course.
But, I had unprotected sex with this guy, and this morning I felt kinda itchy, and have a really odd and bad smelling discharge.
I'm kinda worried.
Any thoughts of what it could possible be? Yeast infection m...

63 views · Sex

Texas woman forced to remove nipple ring

In news I just came to know that a Texas woman, Mandi Hamlin who was forced to remove her artificially fixed nipple ring piercing through her nipple. It was detected by the metal detector before an check carried out on her by the security staff of the ...

40 views · Travel

Why hasn't this been invented?

I heard that when something is plugged into the wall and turned off, it still uses up electricity. Why isn't there something that detects when the device is off and 'unplugs' it from the outlet, or shuts off power to that specific outlet? Would it be t...

10 views · General Knowledge

How long until I should take another pregnancy test?

I've been having a lot of pregnancy symptoms, but got a negative at home pregnancy test yesterday. Im not sure if I tested too early, because my period isn't due for about another 4 or 5 days. (I used one that is supposed to detect pregnancy before you...

78 views · Health

What are symptoms of appendicitis?

Well. I have been agonizing if I might have just begun a journey to apendicitis. I went to the ER on Wednesday because the family doctor says it shouldn't wait. They did blood and urine tests and nothing came up. No pregnancy no apendicitis that th...

49 views · Health

Why the white pupil in photo help!?

I was looking at some pics taken of me last night and in one I noticed the white eye effect that people talk about. Basically my left pupil was white. I am 21 and have never noticed this in any other pics of me. I have heard it can be a detection of e...

27 views · Health

How do I get rid of spyware?

I've tried Spyware Terminator and Spybot.. (Terminator didn't work, so I tried Spybot)
They detected Trojan(virus, not condom) and a few other things.
I clicked remove, and it did, but my computer still acts up.
Usually when I click on any link, it r...

33 views · Computers & Tech

Could the test be wrong?

I was due on my period 2 days ago I feared I might be pregnant so I went for a pregnancy test yesterday. The test was negative but the doctor said that I sould wait another week and take the test again if my period doesn't come as it might simply be 2 ...

14 views · Sex

Protein in urine in early pregnancy

So, I'm about 11 weeks pregnant, and my doctor detected some protein in my urine. I did a 24 hour catch, and am waiting the results. I am really freaked out about this. I do believe that part of it may be not getting enough fluids in such hot weather, ...

68 views · Health

Need to get marijuana out of system completely and FAST!!!

I just got interviewed for a desk job at a Medical Facility that Drug Tests in their own lab. I really want the job!! I am an everyday weed smoker usually 1-4 bowls a day depending on how bomb it is. If I don't have to test for another week or so, and ...

164 views · Health

Odor in my vagina

I went to the doctor 2 1/2 years ago .the person I was with said I gave him I went the doctor said neg. But I do have something, I argued with the doctor that I had something but he said no. Could it be because before I went for the appt. I p...

27 views · Health

Good anime suggestions?

Hey! Can someone suggest some good anime series for someone who likes Naruto, Love Hina, and Detective Conan? Preferably something that can be found on YouTube...but if it's not, at least give me a FREE site...I don't really wanna pay to watch anime on...

20 views · Entertainment

Possibility of being pregnant?

I've missed my period for three weeks now-nipples are tender-smell od certain foods make me want to throw up- and I get nauseous in the mornings. I've taken multiple home tests-all negative. Went to the doctor for a blood test the first week- negative,...

16 views · Health

What's wrong with my computer and how can I fix it?

For the last 2 days my computer has been acting strange. on tuesday I started getting lost of pop ups, and I had never gotten pop ups before. then I bought an antivirus and it detected 6 problems with my computer. (I got norton internet security 2008)

39 views · Computers & Tech

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