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Dental clinics

cosmetic surgery

I am a dental student ...can I do cosmetic surgery now??? if yes how and from whr...and whats the scope???

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My sisters only 21 and needs this answered asap

Is it possible for a felon to become a dental asst???

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What can I do about my underarms?

I sweat so much under my arms whether its hot or cold. I have used all of theswe
Secret clinical protection
Degree clinical protection
Certain dri
Every deoterant on the shelf even boys
What to do now..I cant deal with it no more

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Free birth control?

What clinics give free birth control? I heard that parent plan hood gives 3months for free, is that true?

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Do I need parental consent?

If I want to go to the hospital and go to the free clinic to get a test done, do I need parental consent?

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I am from Pune. I am Suffering from piles. I need information for best Piles Surgeon in Pune

I had a severe problem of piles. So, can I get information about Best piles surgeon or clinic in pune.

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why would you put a comdom on your tounge while you know 'lickin out'??

The only use for a condom that is not complete would be to use it as a 'dental dam'.
To form a dental dam, you cut off about 1 inch of the tip and then cut down the length of the condom, and then lay it flat - but the resulting latex sheet should not ...

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How can you tell?

ya know when someone dies in a fire and they have to identify the person by their dental records...what if the person had never been to the would they know who the person is?

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Where can I get a copy of my sister's immunization card?

..i went to the clinic and just got the paper..i need the yellow card because i lost it where can i go?

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I can't make up my mind

im trying to major in dentistry but im not sure yet. I wan tto go for dental hygienist first then when I make sure that I have expereince I want to go back to school to study dentistry I dont know if it is a good I dea or no. Also does anyone know if...

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Need to pass a drug test tomorrow

I need home remedies...

its at a clinic!!!


the last time I smoked was a week and a half ago... and then a week before that!!!

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Planned Parenthood?

Whats the deal with planned parenthood clinics. Where are they? will iget free birth control? condems? please I really need to know

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could they give me a blood pregnancy test?

if I was to go to a walk in clinic could they give me a blood pregnancy test? how long should I wait after having sex to get one? and how long do the results take?

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What degree do I need to own and operate my own animal hospital?

I was just wondering what degree do I need to be able to own and operate my own animal vet clinic.

Health care management?
Buissness management?

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abortion questions.

no, not for me for my cousin.
do you have to pay up front or could you do it in payments.?

and if you go to a clinic to see how many weeks you are, how do they determine that?
and how long does it take. . .

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Weird pains

What could cause your stomache back and vagina to hurt all the time if you took a pregnancy test at a clinic and it came out negative??

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How can I get pregnant without taking birth control W/ PCOS?

I have PCOS and I want to get pregnant, I have been taking birth control to regulate my periods. What can I take to help without going to a fertility clinic?

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StriVectin products - What are the benefits?

<p>The StriVectin mission is to deliver the most high-performance skincare and haircare solutions powered by the latest clinical advances to transform the look of your skin and hair. At the center of every formula is patented, proprietary NIA-114 techn...

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Will a parent be called?

If I go to a free clinic near me, to have an STD test done, do I have to give out any of my information to them?
I don't want my parents to know I'm getting one done.

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What are some words that make you cringe?

For me, babe, hun, sweetheart, clinical, chuckled...can't think of any more...completely unrelated but I also hate that moist/wet noise people make while talking.

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