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Sync ipod nano

uqh. another iPod [nano] question

can`t dwnload itunes. ..
is there any other way
I can put music, vids,
and stuff on dis.?

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My ipod doesn't sync

When I plug it into pc or wall charger it will not charge, and the computer doesn't reconize it, all it says is usb malfuntion

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Ipod nano + Limewire 5.3.6

I have a Ipod Nano, 4GB, & I don't have Itunes...
My computer had a virus and it deleted EVERYTHING.
So I downloaded Limewire 5.3.6
&& I have NO IDEA how to Sync songs to my ipod...

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Ipod Nano

Hi, does anyone know where I can get an ipod nano for less than £100? Is it worth getting an ipod nano and also what sort of GB is advisable? please let me know :)

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ipod nano 4th gen

I god and ipod 3 months ago and it had a in the cat. extra had a voice recording thing how do you get

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What does this error mean when syncing my iPod?

Every time I plug my ipod into the computer with the USB cord the computer has a pop up saying that there is no driver installed for it!?!?!?!?!?!

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How to delete songs from my iPod Nano?

for my precious can I delete songs from it? theres some that...I have decided need to be removed...please help me out. thanks so much!

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Is there any way to set a picture as the background on an iPod nano 3rd generation?

you know how on the ipod touch lock scrreen you can have a picture? can you do something like that anywhere on the ipod nano 3rd generation?

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Why won't my Ipod sync correctly if I add songs?

New songs added to the playlist will not sync. I have enough space and I have checked the tab in Ipod music to sync selected playlists...

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Does funadvice have an app for an iPod?

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How do I get the backlight on my iPod Nano to work?

The backlight on my ipod nano wont work. Itz the ipod nano thats can video. Anyone know how I can fix it? I have to put the ipod under a light to see what im doing. It just wont light up.

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How do I crack my ipod nano code?

My niece was listeninto my ipod. She is 5 years old and she put a code. She. Said. She doesn't remember it so now I have no ipod and I can't crack the code because youtube is not helping

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how to get your deleted songs back on your iPod nano?

how to get your deleted songs back on your iPod nano?
My iPod nano just deleted 200 of my songs. :[
And I spent a lot of time trying to get those songs,
And now their gone. I forgot which ones were deleted
and kept. Is their any possible to get my dele...

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Why wont my apps sync to my ipod touch?

Okayy, so I just got an ipod touch, and when I try to syc the apps from my computer, it wont work. it says that they synced, but when I looked at my ipod, only the oringinal things are on there. What can be wrong? And what can I do?

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How to get Radio on an iPod nano 4th gen?

so I want to get radio into my iPod nano 4gen. and it has the option to put radio into it but it wont show up. can someone tell me how to get it onto my ipod please. :)

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Can I preserve my folder hierarchy when I sync photos to my iPod Touch?

I have over 2000 pictures on my computer. They are fastidously organized into folders and sub-folders. That all gets lost when I sync them to my iPod touch.

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what is the best ipod case for a video ipod?

what is the best ipod case for a video ipod?

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Cannot synch iPOD Nano

The Music I downloaded from my CD's is seen on my windows computer.But I cannot sync my Music to my iPod. I could until I did something "I am unaware I did. The answer to sync attempt is "canot find the items."

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Do you guys think I could start a web show with my iPod nano?

If so, give me some ideas. I'm thinking about starting one when I get my own laptop. Give me ideas peepz.

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