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Pregravid definition


What is the definition of the water cycle?

10 views · Science

What do you think courage is?

what's your definition?

45 views · General Knowledge

black metal

what is the definition of black metal?

15 views · Music

What's a gangster?

I kinda know what a gangster is. But what is a good definition? and don't give your opinion just a definition.

28 views · General Knowledge

Labor surplus def?

What is the definition of a labor surplus?

43 views · Jobs & Money

Cheap grace and costly grace

What is the definition of cheap grace and costly grace??

40 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Define a person that is needy?

what is your definition of a needy person?

35 views · General Knowledge

What are the differences between psychologist and psychotherapist

what's the difference (by definition) between a psychologist and a physiotherapist

1534 views · Health

What is being in love

I just want to hear different definitions

15 views · Love & Relationships

What exactly does "seeing eachother" mean?

Your definition please.

15 views · Love & Relationships

What is the difference between side affects and symptoms?

is it the same definition for both words?

22 views · Health


what does plies mean by becky --- the definition of becky please

55 views · Music

Are atheists against religion or just don't believe in god?

I'm an atheist. Just don't believe in god. But is the definition of atheist being against religion, cause I'm not!

68 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Geography Homework

What is a simple definition of traditional economy?

12 views · Politics & Law

cultural/societal defintion

In your own definition, how do you define a "small country"?

17 views · General Knowledge

What is the 'Fertility Revolution'?

need a definition or explanation if you have one please . . .

555 views · General Knowledge

Mickey Avalon(:

Who else thinks he's the perfect definition of sexy?

12 views · Sex NSFW

What does this phrase mean?

What is the definition of a "mismatched worker"?
Thanks for the help. =]

15 views · General Knowledge

What does the word duality mean?

i have read definitions, but it still confuses me.

50 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Who was the greatest basketball player

In your opinion that is. Not looking for a wikipedia or other definitive answer.

29 views · Sports & Activities

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