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Lil wayne sold soul

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Dont you think it's crazy that lil wayne has tow people pregnant?

Dont you think its crazy that lil wayne got nivea and lauren london pregnant

36 views · Entertainment

Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton, or Lil Wayne?

who would you vote as the baddest influence on people these days: Brittany Spears, Paris Hilton, or Lil Wayne?

14 views · Music

Rumor going around that lil waynes daughter died?

Did anyone hear the rumor going around that lil waynes daughter died???
I personally don't think its true...

45 views · Entertainment

Did I sell my soul if I said "I sell my soul to you"?

36 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Lil wayne's teardrop tattoos

What does lil wayne's tattoo under the eye mean? (teardrops) did he go to jail, loss of a love one, or kill someone?

79 views · Entertainment

lil wayne

What are some good lil wayne songs ?

I know of a lot. but id like to find some more. plus I heard one the other day on the radio, and I know he was in it. but I don know what it was.

23 views · Music

Lil Wayne???

Is It True He Just Had A Kid From a Lady That Works In a Barber Shop???
wow;; I need to find out asap!!!1

34 views · Music

who is a better hip hop artist lil wayne or Ti

I feel like knowing other opinions than mine I think lil wayne iz a beast

56 views · Music

How can i sell my soul?

20 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Lil Wayne; Chris Brown; & J. Holiday died ?

Some Say Lil Wayne choked on a Lollipop;
Chris brown had no air;
& J.Holiday suffocated ?



who likes the song lollipop by Lil Wayne ?

81 views · Music

lil wayne [:

k soo lil wayne does a song and it goes somethingg like: miss me miss me now you gotta kiss me..
whats it called.?

-thankss [X

36 views · Music

Lil Wayne

Ok now Lil Wayne weezy fff baby is now a rockstar! how does everyone feel about it? I mean I think hes great I mean I love Prom Queen...

7 views · Music

opinons lil wayne, TI, 50 cent, or young jezzy

me personaly I think lil wayne is da best rapper alive butt wanna know other opinons lil wayne, TI, 50 cent, or young jezzy

47 views · Music NSFW

What are the best lil wayne songs? or any rap songs?

I need some good rap songs. what are the best lil wayne songs? or any good rap songs? I really like lil wayne. and I've heard about tech n9ne does anyone know about them? please help

9 views · Music

Best Lil wayne Remixes

can anyone hook me up with the best lil wyane remixe's. I have so many of his songs that im running out of things to search but I know I dont have all of em

65 views · Music

lil wayne

I dont know the name of the song but it has a little kids voice starting it out and it goes la lalalala lalalalala and its not lightin up my lala

8 views · Music

lil wayne? Lip peirced? Eye brow?

in the music Video Mrs.Officer lil wayne got his lip peirced and his eye brow?!?!? He goes hard but people are trying 2 say he wants 2 b white. What do you think?

40 views · Music

What are some good relationship songs by lil wayne, or drake?

I dont really like the weird rap kinda of songs with a crappy beat, i like it to be slow with a good beat or fast with a good beat with good lyrics relating to relationships. :)

200 views · Music

When did 'leather so soft' by lil wayne come out?

Hey d0es any0ne kn0w when tha s0ng ''leather s0 s0ft'' came 0ut by lil wayne? Im just curi0us s0 if you kn0w den please tell me!!!

76 views · Music NSFW

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