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Distance cervix

Should I pursue distance edcuation for a bachelor's degree?

Here's my question, I've been out of school for a while, but I'm considering going back in to a distance education program to earn my bachelor's degree. Is it even worth it?

Thanks for your advice!

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How do I get my ex long distance realtionship gf that just broke up with

How do I get my ex gf back that just broke up with me a few hours ago to want me again even though she said were over for good its a long distance relationship and she says its hard on her how do i get her 2 want me back

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How to thin out my cervix so I go into labor?

What are some ways that will help me thin my cervix out im 38 1/2 weeks and if I have not went in to labor by next monday (39 1/2 weeks) my doctor is going to induce me! Anyone got any sugestions?

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Can a cervix block d entire vagina?

Help, please I'm a virgin.if I try stickn a finger into my vagina I encounter an obstruction. I know its my cervix,bt why is it so close? how can a penis eva get in?

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What is your thoughts of our long distance relationship?

Well me and my girl friend have a long distance relation ship sience she lives in n.y and I live in fl its hard to see each other we still talk every day but we both want to see each other so any ideas of how we can see each other

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Will I get long distance charges on a cell phone without a plan?

If I give my cell phone to a friend and we live in nova scotia and the cell phone is the nova scotia area code and he takes it to pei and I call him and its not long distance for me to call my cell phone because its my area code number will it charge l...

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how to thin out my cervix in one day!!

I am 9 months pregnant and I just got my membrane stripped this morning, the docter saidi am 1 cm dialatd and the babys head is right there, but my cervix is still long!! how can I thin out my cervix in just one day???

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Has anyone had a long distance relationship work?

has anyone had or known or knows someone who has had a longdistance relationship work?
And what did you do to get it to work ?
Are you or that peson still together?
Is there any tips you have for making it work and keeping it going?

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How do you prove the distance formula for two points on the Cartesian plain?

So my math teacher told us this would be a short answer thing for our midterm and I can't find it in my notebook or in the textbook...any help?

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Calling long distance from a house phone..

my moms disconnecting my friggin cell..
if my friend from Florida called my house phone after 9...will it work ? Will it charge? How about if my friend in new jersey called ?! D: I need answerrrsss!

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Sprint and Long Distance

Hey I have sprint and was wondering if I receive a long distance call (like new york to california) am I charged for it?

Also I have just the basic plan and does anyone know what time I get anytime minutes during the week and then on weekends?

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computer love or long distances or huh?

Is going out with someone over the computer a good idea?
Someone just asked me out and I said yes I really like him though and like I've been talking to him a little bit but he lives like states away so is it a good idea?

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How do you check your cervix?

I really want to know how do you check your cervix..its important for me.I did get my period but less then what I usally get it for not scared but worry..I've been feeling naueses and sleeping and been using the bathrroom a lot...more than ever I...

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What does it take to make a long distance relationships work?

Do long distance relationships work? Even if it's just a few hours away do long distance relationships work? Could you give me any tips to make it work or to make it better would be very thank full :D
I've not been with my guy long i really want this ...

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How do you tell someone that distance doesnt matter?

Kay, so there is this guy I really like, and I know for fact he really likes me too. (He told me straight up) but he's afraid that distance will ruin our relationship. I dont know what to tell him cause he said if we were closer we would date and were ...

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Has anyone learned from Nelson Thorne's distance learning?

next year im doing my a-levels and im not sure I fi should do psycology or law. psycology is a normaly taught subject but law is tauch via distant learning. Im not sure if distant learning is a good way to do an a-level.
Has anyone used this program, i...

11 views · Education & School

When is distance reduced to 0?

When two objects gets closer to each other, you can measure the distance between the two of them, and see how that value gets smaller and smaller and smaller. Soon you'd be working in decimals such as 0.8mm, 0.1mm, 0.000000001mm etc, but obviously usin...

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Verison calling AT&T-long distance.

So I have a friend that lives across the country and we tend to talk on the phone for about an hour a day. I have verison and he has AT&T and I was wondering if I am using up my verison minutes when he calls me and if it is free for both of us past 7:0...

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How effective of a workout is long distance walking?

Long story short I just had surgery and I don't want to strain my body too much. I want to do something to stay in shape while I recover and something I tried today was walking while i was playing a game. I ended up walking about 8 miles(I was walking ...

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Can long distance relationships really work?

im in a long distance relationship..I live in Luxembourg the guy lives in Athens..I love only 14, could this really be love? do I even know what love is at such a young age? my feelings for him are so strong..but I havnt seen him for a yea...

113 views · Love & Relationships

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