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Chinese person edit picture

What does this picture say?

24 views · General Knowledge

Where is Chinese spoken?

10 views · General Knowledge

What is a narcassist personality?

39 views · General Knowledge

How do I delete my pictures?

just some of them

16 views · FunAdvice Community

What is your comment on this picture?

16 views · General Knowledge

Are you a very Religious person?

48 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

How do you view yourself as a person?

58 views · General Knowledge

What's your personality like?

41 views · General Knowledge

How to reject a person after you see their picture on dating site?

you respond to an ad and then ask for a pic...but after you see it you are no longer interested in that do you write back and tell them you are not interested? should you just not write back at all?

9 views · Love & Relationships

Who is a dog person and who is a cat person???

Who is a dog person and who is a cat person???
There can be both or whatevr.

14 views · Pets & Animals

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