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Drywall repair

How much would it cost to have your phone repaired?

ok so my phone is on contract an today I dropped my phone and I've got two huge cracks in the screen and my mum would kill me if she found out so I want it repaired so does anyone know how much it would cost?
thanks x

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What's the best shampoo/ conditioner to repair dead and damaged hair?

My hair is so dead from dying it so much, I finally went back to my original and now its just dead and dry and super danaged, it feels like babrbie hair! (N) so if you know the best products to repair this please let me know! :)

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What are the things on the end of a heel called and can they be replaced or repaired?

I have these heeled ankle boots. You know how on the end of heels they have a little thing of plastic on the end that's for grip or traction? Well, I've worn those down so if I try to walk in them, I start slipping. I wanted to know if I could go to th...

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Will it ever be possible to repair spinal cord injuries?

I just read a news story about scientists using nanotechnology to repair broken spinal cords in mice. If possible in humans, this research could lead to cures of Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's, among others.
Do you think it will ever be possible ...

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How do I find a good windshield repair place?

My old car's windshield got hit with a piece of flying plywood from a truck, it was scary! It's got about a 18 inch crack. How soon do I need to replace it? Money is a bit of issue, how much does it cost? Thanks.

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How can I repair my Ipod touch if tha screen is cracked?

I was walking home and listening to my Ipod,I accidentally dropped it .. I wasn't worried because it has a case and a screen protector,until I picked it up and flipped it over it I found out that it was CRACKED! I'm wondering where and how can I repair...

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Will I get Microsoft repair if I buy an XBox 360 on

ok there are countless amounts of 360s on ebay and craigslist and other places very cheap with the rrod..(red ring of death) my question is that if I buy one can I call microsoft and will they repair it or do they have to have specific information or s...

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How do you naturaly repair heat damaged hair?

I straighten my hair evryday I dont go it to thw piont were it burns..nut I do it a lot what can I do to make it more protected and I've heard it you put oatmeal or eggs on it it helps..does it really? I dont use protecting spray..but what can I do to ...

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Repairing dry, damaged hair.

My hair is reaaally dry and damaged because of all the heat products and dye I've used on it over the past few years.

Does anyone know how I could

A) strip any colour that's already in my hair out without damaging it?
B) try and make it softer a...

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How to Repair Dell Latitude D520 Laptop Keyboard Keys

Dell makes a large number of laptop computers, and one of the main problems with these computers is that the keys can become stuck or damaged. There are several different ways you can repair a damaged laptop keyboard as long as you know what the proble...

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How can I repair split ends or stop further damage?

I love my hair, the only thing I hate I that I have many split ends from straightening it blow drying it and curling it. So I want to grow my hair up to my waist but every time I get close or my hair is pretty long I have A LOT of split ends gosh so I ...

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Should I try to repair my sub woofer?

i got into a car accident where a lady rear ended me because she never saw me stopped and she hit me doing about 65mph and my sub box was in my trunk. long story short theresnow a little whole about the size of a dime in the rubber part of my sub, will...

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How can I repair a dead motherboard?

I accidenatlly spilled some water on my laptop the other day and left it to dry for a few days. It then used to switch on fine but whenever I'd plug in the charger it would turn right off. Now, it wont even switch on and I think the mother board is fri...

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What should I do? Repair xbox or replace?

The other day my boyfriend called me to tell me that my xbox had red ringed on him. I got this xbox a couple years ago, 3 or 4 years(I can't really remember which) so I don't think I can get it repaired for now we have two broken xboxes(I don't...

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how can I fix my hair that has been damaged beyond repair?

I've bleached my hair twice and dyed it once.
I streighten my hair 5/7 mornings a week.(I dont curl or crimp) I have too many split ends and its always frizzy and poofy. its also wavey but not the cute kind,the firzzy,poofy,dry,wavey underneith and st...

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Xbox 360 Repair

I'm considering sending in my Xbox 360 console to Microsoft for repairs now.
I'm asking if I have to pay the $120 (or however many so) dollar bill if I've submitted my repair order request on Xbox Service Website a few hours before the year-long warra...

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where is best Whirlpool Refrigerator Service Repair Center Hyderabad Secunderabad?

We offer our important clients the amazing quality best home apparatus Repairing Service. Offered organization is for the most part asked for by our clients owing to its high reliable quality and faultless execution. Service Repair Centre Hyderabad Sec...

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how much does a new psp lcd screen cost or repair?

I have bought myself a new psp and I sat on it the first day and im pretty sure the screeen is not to be cracked or show stripes of mainly black and color so I was wondering how much would it cost to get it fixed and I live in nyc b.t.w so I need to fi...

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How can I repair my Blonde highlight turned gray?

I have natural dirty blond hair and used to color all of it with a kit from the local drug store. About three months ago I colored it too dark and decided to go to Sally's. I talked with a sales lady there and she told me how to highlight my hair. It t...

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where is the whirlpool Fridge Service center in Hyderabad?

service,repair center

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