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Dental Problems...

I have been told that I should drink nothing but milk and water because it's causing dental problems. I asked if fruit juices were any better and my dentist said no. I don't think I can drink nothing but milk and water. For some weird reason I alway...

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Are dental implants purposely pricey to keep endodontists in company?

I had a poor encounter having a failed root canal on my last molar. I had it taken away only to discover that I needed yet another root canal on another molar. In the event the cost were correct I'd readily select for dental implants. My dental surgeon...

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Does medicaid for a pregnancy cover dental problems?

Ive searched their entire website and im confused. I tried calling but i cant get a human on the phone either. I have LaMoms through medicaid, and i have two teeth that are broken and have cavaties in them, i dont have an abcess at the moment but i get...

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Dental pain

There are 10 days I have toothache. My dentist filled in my tooth, he warned me I will have pain at least 3 weeks and after will be fine. The pain is so strong I have to take at least 12 painkillers per day, but yesterday I took 18 and last night all n...

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Is there another way to get one month of contraceptives if I have been getting them from a planned parenthood clinic (see details)?

I don't want to go to my family doctor, I have serious issues with her and am looking for a new family doctor. The clinic I have been going to, is basically like a planned parenthood, is closed due to some problems in my area. The clinic does take my h...

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Can I get my teeth whiter without dental whitening?

OK, so I have many insecurities, as I am a 15 year old girl, but I really hate my teeth. They are soo yellow! And my dentist said he could whiten them but I dont want people to be able to know its a little embaressing!
Also they make me look...

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Dental Health

I would REALLY appreciate a professional opinion on this issue.

I am missing my second premolar on the top right, and my first and second molars on the bottom right.

My dentist has suggested doing two bridges, foregoing the root canal and crowning of...

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When I go to the clinic tuesday to get shots, should I take out my septum & navel jewelry (read)?

I do nooot have insurance so were just going for shots, no checkup or anything but I know when people go to the doctor they usually look up your nose, in your mouth & your ears with a little light thing, & my mom doesn't know about my septum (stupid I ...

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Who knows where i can get free good dental care in central new jersey?

I've been looking all over google and still nothing.Im looking for a place that defiantly knows what there doing or i will worry forever and think if they messed up on something.i can't afford a dentist at the moment.I was at one 6 months ago and now

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A few dental related questions...

Alright so I know you get loose baby teeth because duh you have to lose them to get your adult ones, but my questions is this -

Is it possible to get loose ADULT teeth? And if so, what exactly causes that to happen? And if it can happen, how can you...

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Do I need dental work?

Ok... so I noticed a few days ago that the tooth all the way in the back on my left side, might have grew in weird. It hurts when it's touched by food/my tounge on that side. I looked in the mirror and it does look like a piece might be digging in. Wil...

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Should I go to the clinic for possible implantation bleeding?

Hi I got Implantation bleeding on the 2nd May then got a period 2 weeks after on the 16th May. before and on May I did have irregular periods. June, July and august my periods went into patterns and I did experience Pregnancy symptoms in may and June....

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Should I go to the ER or wait until morning and go to a walking clinic?

All week I have had diarrhea (not super severe, around 8 times per day) that is filled with lots of mucus (long strands of it), and pain around my belly button. Last night, the pain got so intense that it kept me from sleeping, but it subsided this mor...

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Does anyone know

Does anyone know how long does it take to study dental hygine to be a dental hyginest.

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He didnt even tell me that he is leaving the college

I work in a dental clinic of my college staff,earlier things wer fine.he was a very good and an understanding man but now he has left the college and im still working with him.but the problem is that his attitude has changed,he is no longer the same......

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What to remember when trying out for cheerleader?

What are some things to remember when doing cheer clinics and trying out to be cheerleader?

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How much does birth control cost?

If you go to a clinic to get birth control.
How much does it cost??

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dentistry in australia

I am an indian dental student..can I get job in australia???

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Is it worth going to the emergency over a bladder infection?

All the walk-in clinics are closed because it is late Sunday night, is it worth going to the emergency or should I just wait until the morning when the clinics open?

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Who out there has a PsyD?

I would like a doctrine in clinical psychology. I want to do the clinical work and counseling and still have a doctrine which is why I chose PsyD. Is there anyone that has one that can give me any advice.

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