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Data recovery

Copying game data onto new pc

hi my friend has bought a laptop today and it has Sims Life built into it. So being a bit cheap =) I would like to install the data onto my comp. Was wondering if anyone with some tech knowledge can assist me in transfering the program data or tell me ...

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Why was my memory card data corrupted?

About a month ago I had given my friend my memory card to borrow because he had some games I had. Somehow it ended up in mexico. About 3 monthes later, it comes back to me perfectly, but when I go to play meteroid prime 2, a little box comes up and say...

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Whats the deal with data processing ads, are they for real?

Saw this is an ad:
"data entry processors needed! Earn 3500-5000$ weekly working from home! Guarunteed paychecks! No experinece necessary! Positions available today! Register online"

Is this thing for real? Has anyone actually done this? What is it al...

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Is there a way for me to get my Sims data back?

Okay so I have Windows and in that little Start thing I clicked Sims 3 so I could play it and then it said something like: Couldn't find folder or something. So it said delete from list and I though I was like restoring I don't know why I thought that ...

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Data Enterer

Hi all,
I just wanted to ask if anyone has ever joined a data capturer job online and has actually received money for doing it? I live in Paris, I don't speak french and spend a lot of time in our apartment. I would love to do something during the d...

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Is this Recovery Manager HP Windows 7 thing safe?

My computer has come up with this Recovery Manager pop up. I run a Windows 7 from HP. I am EXTREMELY against downloading anything unless it's something I use and I know is safe. Will installing the Recovery Manager be alright? Will it slow down my comp...

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Why does my 128 gigabyte Kingston data traveler flash drive keep corrupting?

I bought a 128 gig flash drive online a while back and ever since i started using it it'll hold whatever i put on it for a little while but then it will corrupt or tell me i need to format it for it to work properly.

So i must have formatted this t...

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recovery after surgery?

im having a lump removed in my armpit the size of a plum. im having it removed the reconstruction surgery after to make it look the same as the other arm pit .
Unfortunately my work doesnt pay you when off sick so I was wondering how long will it take...

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What is IAC Recovery Systems Ltd. ?

Today, I got an email from a company located at IAC Recovery Systems Ltd.
17165 Platte St., Suite 110
Denver, CO 80202
Fax: (303) 756-3400
Email: iacrecoverysystems(at)mail(dot)com

but I can not find anything out about it. They are saying I am passed...

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How to write a good memory loss recovery scene for my book?

Okay so in my book one of the main characters(Xavier) gets into a plane crash, and when he wakes up and finally gets some of his memory back it turns out he is not with the person he should be with which is fiance(Cassidy) he is with the girl he met on...

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Timeouts causing data loss?

I've noticed for the last 4 to 6 months that if I spend a really long time answering a question, e.g. over 10 mins, I hit send and I lose it. It goes to the home page and the url says something about lost data. It's fairly demoralizing to sit and typ...

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Got a virus Cant install anti-virus, malware, Lost recovery disk

Computer: Emachine
Model Number: EL1200
OS: Windows Xp
Problem: The screen kept going completely black, then it would pop up comand prompt, close it. Open it close it, and so on. Until it froze the whole system. I found out my mom has no anti-virus...

42 views · Computers & Tech

Why is My ipod stuck in restore mode?

Ipod Specs:
Ipod Touch 4th gen. 4.3.x firmware Jailbroken

The other day away from home I deleted that cydia app called Winterboard and after respringing all my apps and data were deleted for reasons unknown. I tried to restore it today but while re...

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delete saved items from the wii

I want to clear data from my wii from some saved data, how do you do this

any help would be great thankyou :)

11 views · Computers & Tech

hook up my phone to computer

were to hook my data link cable up

36 views · Computers & Tech

How do you backup your computer system?

I have an XP laptop with a built in disc drive..what are the steps of backing up all my data..especially the data in my documents file..I have done it before but I forget.

10 views · Computers & Tech

What is computer memory?

I know its a hard disk., and the data stored in it as a binary numbers.. But what is the hard disk technology? Is it contains transistors of flip flops? how the data actually hold by the hard disk and how it is retrieved?

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What does this text from my phone company mean?

You've used 95% or more of your included data. To learn more about data usage, visit Free TELUS msg

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How would youdescribe the status of the U.S. economy

How would youdescribe the status of the U.S. economy - Prosperity, Recovery, Recession, or Depression?

17 views · Politics & Law

My computer needs fixed.. help..:)

Okay, So I have A compaq notebook laptop, Vista..
Im pretty sure..
So any way..It got a virus, so my sister tried restoring it to factory settings 3 times.. then that really screwd it up.. So she put in a restore harddrive c.d from another computer,...

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