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Credit card plans & services

Do I need a credit card to use Paypal?

cause I haven't got one.

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husbands credit card debts

In new york is a wife responsible for her husbands credit card debts if she doesnt hold a card?

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Credit card questions.

Can you get a credit card in Scotland that I can add money to, then spend it? but I can only spend the money on the card? ..and can I get one if im 15?

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How can I buy something online with a prepaid credit card?

Do you know how to use a prepaid credit card to buy something online, tell me thank you.

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File bankrupcy on credit card debt in the state of indiana

Does anyone know if you can still file bankrupcy on credit card debt in the state of indiana???

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Why credit card called so?

I think credit card should be called as loan card, why because when we take some money through credit card we pay back with interest that is as good as taking money on loan. What is your idea on this?

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Can anyone recommend credit cards for those with bad credit?

credit cards for bad credit people?

an ENGLISH loan company I can get 1,500 pounds within days?

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Is it illegal to register an old credit card online...?

When a websites asks fir your details...?

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Are prepaid credit cards best for people with bad credit?

hi, my friend has no credit and want to apply for credit card. Some body suggest him to apply for prepaid credit card. Is it possible to he will get approved for prepaid credit card and is it beneficial for him?

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How does a credit card work in real estate?

hi, i want to know how can credit card work in real estate field? i have applied for a credit card and want to use in real estate. Becouse i am working in real estate.

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Can you buy things if you go over your credit card limit?


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What is the difference between Prepaid credit card and debit card?

My mother has bad credit and want to apply for a credit card. But somebody suggest her to get a debit card because credit card is bad for your credit score. But I heard about prepaid credit card, I think its like debit card. So please tell me if any di...

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Is there a way to get a cellphon online without a credit card?

is their anyway to get a cellphone online without having a credit with bill me later or something??

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Are credit cards dangerous for low-budget people?

My earnings are pretty low and i have just applied for a credit card...Is it beneficial for me or dangerous because my budget is not high.

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Are there any credit cards you recommend?

I'm considering getting a card card.
I do not intend to us it to buy things unless it's an emergency.
is there any you recommend?

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credit card that doesn't need a banking account?

I am trying to find a credit card that doesn't need a banking account, every time they send me to the credit card that has to have a banking account. Can you PLEASE HELP ME.

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