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Itune synch playlist

ever hear of the swedish singer velvet.

Anyone ever hear of the swedish singer velvet. You mite also know her by her real name jenny petersson. She's big in europe, uk, sweden, finland etcc. Im in ny and she really isnt known in the states. I found out about her through itunes I heard a song...

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Music in hollister

Does anybody know what songs hollister played on june 14th 2008 in the montgomery mall??? Did anybody go?

I am making a playlist for one of my co-cast members. We are extremely close. its for her ipod, for her birthday and we loved all the songs. ...

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music, anything rockish, or screamo, or piano?

Ok so I am getting bored with my cuBlindfolded by The Classic Crime, 5805 by The Classic Crime, Abracadavers by The Classic Crime, Black Cat by Mayday Parade, Jamie All Over by Mayday Parade, Jersey by Mayday Parade, Disenchanted by My Chemical Romance...

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Licences Question

Is a piece of software containing images that from other people considered a Collective Works or a Derived Work


"Collective Work" means a work, such as a periodical issue, anthology or encyclopedia, in which the Work in its entirety in u...

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Survey #1

What do you like better???
Cherry or strawberry
Blue or pink
Curly hair or straight hair
Math or science
Clothes or shoes
Shopping or reading
Twillight or nick and noras infident playlist
Chris brown or jesse mcartney
Ashley tisdale or vanessa hudgenes...

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Why wont my Vista laptop work Well?

Right so like 7 months ago I bought an £800 Laptop and I havent been getting on well with it, I cant install msn it slows it right down nor the sims nor itunes and even if I do the next day I vhave 2 dfelete it because it becomes rediculusly slowand al...

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How do I fix this damn computer?

I own a dell computer with windows xp...
Every day it seems like something else goes wrong
I now can't right click or copy/paste in internet explorer,
I can't use either ctrl in most programs
Internet options in control panel jsut pops up and goes ...

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What should I get my boyfriend for xmas?

Im not sure what to get my boyfriend yet; he told me for a while now that his mum is getting him a new jacket which she still hasn't so I thought I'll get him 1 and I was going to buy COD 5 [call of duty 5] cause his best friend told me he wants it, wh...

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Bad example, Miley Cyrus

okay well heres the thing..I HATE Miley Cyrus
she is a horrible influence for our youth
I understand paris britney lindsey doin all that
but they are old! miley is 15!my sister is in love with her!
&& now my sister thinks its alright 2 go out & show he...

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Video I-pod or PSP?

Ok so as you might know..a lot of people prob post comments about this subject. ok well right now im torn between buying a video ipod or psp...I mean in the long run I think I'd get my moneys worth from the ipod but the psp has some cool things too and...

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Would you consider me a "shallow" or "average" person?

Hi ;). I'm just terribly insecure so it's getting harder and harder for me to understand myself. That's kind of why I'm here; to ask for your general opinion. Thanks, and detailed answers are well-appreciated! =) By the way, this is like a long questio...

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