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Childs biological father is inconsistant

My son is four and his dad and I broke up when he was one. He started out taking him 2 nights a week. He was irresposible, like by not putting a coat on him in 14 degree weather.
Out of desperation to have the father involved I always remined him about...

47 views · Parents & Family

is this good...

okay so I wrote this thing about suicide, tell me what you think about it. please!

Suicide is on the rise in the United States of America. Suicide is the 11th leading cause of death in the United States, its the 8th leading cause in males, and t...

27 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Evidence that Jesus is the Messiah. Do you have any doubts?

Okay, someone asked me how I knew Jesus was who he said he was. Below I will give the prophecies Messiah had to fulfill in order to be proclaimed Messiah. My question to anyone who takes the time to read through it, is if you have any doubts after read...

42 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

The ex

My boyfriend and I dated for a lil over month. We had been friends for a while before then so we were pretty close and comfortable with each other. I'd sleep over at his place and he'd hold me all night, we'd make out but that was as far as it went. H...

21 views · Love & Relationships

i dedicate this song to u:ately I've been hard to reach, I've been too long on my own

Everybody has a private world where they can be alone
Are you calling me? Are you trying to get through
Are you reaching out for me, like I'm reaching out for you?

I'm just so fuckin' depressed, I just can seem to get out this slump
If I could ju...

47 views · Education & School

Input on the beginning of my novel

hey all! I've decided to try and write a novel I have only written a short prologue (I think that's what you call it) and I would like to hear some input and advice please!

Anger = Trouble

“Why are you staring at me like that?” she asked.


22 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Is she jealouse, what is wrong with her?!?!?!

I know this girl, were not particuly close in the manner of hanging out all the time, or at all for that matter. We've become "online" friends for sometime now. We do seem to have a lot in common (although I find it hard to tell when she is not acting...

22 views · Love & Relationships

My wife hates sex

ok so I've been married for four months, had a pretty short relationship before we were married ( like 7 months). Before we were married our sex life was so so.. there was some physical problems that caused sex to "hurt" her and we went to the doc to g...

28 views · Sex

Have you read the Fathers Love Letter, in the bible?

The Fathers Love
by Andy Reese

As you slowly and prayerfully read this – listen to your very words. Everything you are now reading is straight from Scripture, straight from the heart of Papa God. It is a brief enumeration of the overwhelming eviden...

65 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

My story?

I wrote this when I was 9 or 10, now I'm13 how is it so far?any advice? I know it sux since I wrote when I was younger so yeah...I'm stuck with this story..

When Love falls.
I waited for Armand, his full ...

14 views · Art, Writing & Literature

poem by crystal and matt

(Crystal's Words)
Never before did I believe a friendship could be so great,
now that I've met you our bond is impossible to break,
your kindness and charm has put a smile on my Face,
you make me feel so happy when my life is a big disgrace,
I wish ...

42 views · Art, Writing & Literature

What do you think of all my poems?

No one knew about her
And all the shame she hides
About her family and her pride
No one cared about her

She tried telling someone
but no one gave a damn
No one seemed to understand
All the pain and suffering she had

She told someone how she felt

36 views · Art, Writing & Literature

what my life is like now ? read and comment?

I had a nice life as a child I had the nicest grand mother in the world (or so i taught ). My grandmother raised me from the minute i was born until i was 18 years old she taught me the values and morals i needed to go through life.

she was my id...

17 views · Sex

US Drinking Age (Change?)

As some of you may know there is a quite large petition going around to try and change the legal drinking age from 21 to 18, I'm curious to hear what everyone thinks about this matter, I myself think it would be bad, allowing 18yr old's to buy alcohol ...

88 views · Politics & Law

For all who have or want an eating disorder

this isnt a question. this is some advice to all of the young people out there constantly asking advice for learning to develop an eating disorder. why on earth would you want to do that to yourself? I can understand pain. I can understand hurt I can u...

29 views · Sex

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