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Sperm make teeth whiter

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How do you clean chihuahua puppies' teeth?

How do you clean chihuahua puppies' teeth?

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How doctors obtain sperm sample?

How doctors obtain sperm sample?

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Dying sperm...

Does sperm die when it hits the air??

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How do I make my teeth whiter?

How do I use the whitening strips? (I have braces) I don't think I can!
And I really want my teeth to get whiter than how they are, cause I've tried cleaning them at the doctor, and it hurts so much that it made me cry and there was blood all over me,...

44 views · Beauty & Style

What are some ways to whiten teeth quickly?

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Can you get allergies from your sperm ?

just asking

130 views · Health

Is sperm good for my skin?


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puppy teeth

when do they start falling out?

12 views · Pets & Animals

Baby teething

How often do I give my baby oragel

35 views · Kids

Can I get my teeth whiter without dental whitening?

OK, so I have many insecurities, as I am a 15 year old girl, but I really hate my teeth. They are soo yellow! And my dentist said he could whiten them but I dont want people to be able to know its a little embaressing!
Also they make me look...

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how to whiten teeth?

what whitens my teeth? will bleaching it work? or is it bad for them?

31 views · Beauty & Style

Will premature sperm die?

Will premature sperm die??

Ok will it stayliving

188 views · Health NSFW

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