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Pregnant woman eating sperm

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Pregnant woman

How many months does a baby starts to kick and move around in the stomach

53 views · Health

Can you get pregnant if the sperm doesn't go inside you?

If you have sex and you dont use a condom but the sperm never gets inside of you can you still get pregnant???

1127 views · Sex NSFW

Can I get pregnant if I but the sperm in my self

Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex but he pulled out so he wipe the sperm off and put it in me with his fingers get I get pregnant still ?

31 views · Sex NSFW

Touched sperm chance of getting pregnant

Someone told me that if there was sperm on a towel and I girl touched it then touched herself afterwards she has a chance of getting pregnant. Is this true?

1206 views · Health NSFW

Can I get pregnant if my boyfriend pull out but wipe his sperm into my Vagina

Me and my boyfriend was having unprotected sex but he pulled out then he wipes the sprem off of me and put it into me I'm I pregnant?

37 views · Sex NSFW

Unable to eat, am I pregnant?

hi I am 14 and I have been feeling a little unable to eat and peeing a lot I am I pregant?? HELP ME!!

36 views · Health NSFW

If a pregnant woman walks into a bar and wants a drink, does the bartender have to serve her?

would that be discrimination if he doesnt?

24 views · Politics & Law

What foods can dogs eat and not eat?

42 views · Pets & Animals

Can girls really get pregnant from swimming in a lake after a guy got his sperm in it?

if a guy randomly came in a lake and a girl was just swimming can she get pregnant and not know it?

1744 views · Health NSFW

What causes a woman's feet to swell when pregnant?

does it only happen in 2nd-3rd trimester, or can it happen in early pregnancy?

47 views · Health

what do ladybugs eat?

what do ladybugs eat

44 views · Pets & Animals

How to caress a woman?

How to Caress a Woman?

375 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

What do elephants eat?

What do elephants eat?

49 views · Food & Dining

what did you eat today?

what did you eat today?

37 views · Food & Dining

Is eating fried food bad while pregnant?

I think im pregnant I havent found out yet but lately I've been craving fried foods so that all I eat is that bad for the baby

185 views · Health

Can I diet while pregnant?

Can I diet while pregnant?

41 views · Health

how can I eat healthy?

how can I eat healthy?

29 views · Food & Dining

What can you eat with braces?

What can you eat with braces

563 views · Food & Dining

When, how much , should I eat ?

When, how much , should I eat ?

43 views · Nutrition & Fitness

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