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Phat booty

How do I get a bigger booty?

Hi, I wanted to know if anyone seriously knew how to get a bigger booty. BUT, I want to keep my small waist. I want to have a small waist, thick thighs and a big booty. Can anyone PLEASE seriously help me? Thank you.

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How can I get a big booty?

I want a big booty so I can be happy wit my size,what do I do or what can I eat to get one?? ASAP. is it a way I can get a big booty in weeks,I cant wait months. and how long did it take u??

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Can I target fat to my boobs and booty?

If I eat what ever I want (fatty foods) to make my butt and my boobs bigger but work out the parts I don't want fat (stomach, arms, legs), will it work?

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How do you booty pop?

This boy that ilike showed me this sonq by ludacris &ndd its called booty poppin
&ndd the qirls are doin what the sonq says
Ikinda know how to do it but like how do ibecome better?(other than practicinq]

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Baby phat???

I was to be comfortable in a bathing suit this summer so how do I get back to the body I had before I got pregnant?I was very petite.was 103 now do I tone up the stomach especially with a bad back

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What booty shaking songs for a party?? List them please !!!?

My friend is throwing a party tomorrow and I need music to play over there that girl will grind and dance to. Please give me fairly new music. Nothing from 2008 !!

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How to make my booty bigger?

H0w du ii mak3 mii b00ty biigg3r ii m3an ii aiint g0t n0 flat b00ty ii just g0t a liil b00ty...but that aint 3n0ugh..l0lz

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How to get rid of tummy fat and increase booty?

okay so my body is SO crazyy like the shape..
I have a hugee chest and skinny but not fat
and no the biggest butt
but,nyways how do you keep the chest get rid of the fat in your tummy and get a booty!!

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My stupid hips and booty

Okay so im 5'4 and 115 lbs. Im not really toned but im not fat. I dont eat junk or anything that could hurt my body. For some reason hips are still wide and my booty will not slim down. How can I fix this?

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How can I lose tummy weight and gain booty weight?

I need to know how to loose about 20 lbs in the tummy and gain an apple bottom (booty) real quick before school starts again. NO PILLS and none of those MEALS you C ON TELEVISION, (MY MOMS WON'T HAVE IT).......PEACE

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How can I get a big booty at home?

Okay so im very skinny and do I got just a little bt more skiiny bcus I used 2 smoke do I gain wait and how do I make my butt big lol;...seriously though..!

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I smell like booty

I smell like ass1 I take showers every day . My good friends dont know about it yet but other people in my school are starting to think about. I love girls I dont want them to find out about that. I have been to the doctors too no help at all. Help m...

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What is up with guys my age and not liking PHAT GIRLS?

before I ask .. PHAT P.Pretty H. Hot A.And T.Thick..

I am 5'5 and 14 but guys my age dont get me and think I'm ugly just because im heavier and have a rack and an butt whay dont they like that? uhh guys suck sometimes..

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What's your opinion? Booty call .. Yay or nay ??

Well as the question says ... im just wondering whats your opinion on girls having a booty call? Do you think its ok for a girl to have a guy that she can call simply just for sex when ever she wants no strings attached.. or do you think she would be a...

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I want a bigger round booty don't know what to do

helppp I want a bigger round booty I already have 1 but I want mines bigger like kim kardashian o wanna grow 3inches!! and iono what 2 do besides squats lunges doggykickz and lower stomache lifts with weights? wah else I only do it 3x a week I also do ...

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booty call?!?

okay. I am 18 years old and I have nooo idea what to do. I like this guy a lot. We are really good friends we talk like 24/7 but there is a problem he has a girlfriend. :( soo she gets mad when I text him and stuff. he tells me he likes me and all this...

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Jeans for chics with a flat booty?

I have the hardest time finding jeans that fit me right. I have a totally flat booty!! :(

My waist is like a size 10, but my legs are super skinny and I have no butt. All the jeans that fit me around the waist are too big in the thighs and bottom. It ...

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Booty Call or No?

So...I met this guys months ago. Yes...we sleep together a couple of times. I knew at that time he would be moving and that there was no real possibility of a realationship. He moved and we continued to text back and forth every now and then. Well he m...

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Thighs and Booty problems

I'm a african american girl 19, 5'11 slim top but I have the HUGEST problem below. my butt is thighs are flabby and I hate them both. when its summer I have the hardest time with swimsuits because the fit me great up top, but are very tight at...

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booty call or possible relationship

so theres this guy and he danced with me at 2 dances and we madeout at one. and then he was like texting me and wanted to hangout on valentines evening, but I didnt really know him that well and he took me to the beach and we made out for like an hour....

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