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Gain butt fat

How can I lose belly fat and gain it on my hips and butt?

Hi fellow physician. I'm a mother of two children. I just gave birth 17wks ago to my second child. I've always been extremely bony as people used to say. After giving birth to my son seven years ago, I haven't been able to loose the belly fat AT AL...

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How much % of fat do you have to intake in order to gain a pound?

Whether it be anything from junk food, to just whatever! I know 3500cals is 1 pound, but how much % of fat is it for one pound?

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Could fat substitutes make you fat?

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How can I gain fat on my thighs and bottom?

My butt and thighs are way too skinny. I hate it! It hurts if I sit on it for a long time and it makes me feel awful! How can I get a HUGE bubble butt? I am open to anything.

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How can I gain weight in my thighs and butt?

My thighs are so small its nasty to me and I hate it! I get made fun of! People call me twig... :( Any advice PLEASE help...I need it fast!

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Does anyone know any way to lose butt fat?

Does anyone know any way to lose butt fat? My butt is like a planet right now, ha at least it seems like it. Please help me! I'll take anything I can get!

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How to gain weight in your butt?

Might be a dumb ? But I have been loosing weight and I lost a lot of it in my butt and since I didnt have a butt to begin with it is going away fast... Is there a way to get some fat or something in my butt ??

Need ways to gain your butt... ???
? Migh...

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How can I gain weight in my breasts and butt?

Im 18 I've had a child and I've gained no weight in my breast or my butt and I want to know is there anyway to make them grow all my friends are thick and they dont even have kids I want to get like them, what can I do?

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i have suddenly gained lower belly fat. how do i loose it?

i have never had fat anywhere in my body. recently i had my exams and i was completely out of football for 2 months. over the 2 months i have developed a lower belly fat and now my abs are also not visible. how can i remove this belly fat?

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Do weights make you lose fat or gain muscle?

I am just curious, because my mum does some of the weight lifter machine things to loose weight/ fat. I am confused because weight lifting makes you get more muscle which weighs more than fat. But people do it too loose weight. soo... can you explain ...

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How can I gain a bigger butt??

Hi this is dana.. I need advice with fast results into making my butt bigger in just a small amount of time. what kind of foods are a fast way to gain weight in the butt area?? and what are the best excercises can I do to make it bigger??

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How too losse that FAT BUTT !

Okay so im 15 years old and im around 150 pounds. I think my butt is hugh and I wanna get rid of it so bad. I wanna have a nice slim butt and I want it firm too. How can I do this ?

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How do I lose my baby fat?

How can I lose my baby fat?

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Is a size 5 fat?

Is a size 5 fat??

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Does my cat look fat?

Does my cat look fat to you...

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How to grow a big butt?

How to grow a big butt???

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whats a bubble butt?

whats a bubble butt?

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how to become fat in a few days???

how to become fat in a few days???

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How do I get a nice butt

How do I get a nicee butt ?

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