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Brick walkways & patios


How can you say that you
are happy and complete
when it''s obvious to us both,
everyday you retreat.
Into your shell of brick and stone,
when I try to get in you''re emotionally
not home.

With each passing year it
feels like an old ugly ...

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Should I call animal control?

I was walking my dog and noticed this tiny metal cage with a brick on the top in a yard down the street and there was a squirrel in it! It was freaking out. I think that's kind of sick, and I would let it out but I don't know how I could without gettin...

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How do you do an ollie?

ok I've been trying to master an ollie for a while and im having no progress. everytime I do it I do the same thing because I cant figure out what im doing wrong. well when you go to pop the tail is that the only thing you do (just extend your back leg...

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Massively high conifer trees

Our neighbour (one of their 2nd homes) has a row of massively high (at least some 50ft) conifer trees, growing on the other side of our fence. Is this illegal? Not only do they block the sun at certain times of the day and year and are affecting my fru...

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To get mum off my back

I cant take it no more my mum is like a serpent breathing down my neck one foot out of line and she comes down on me like a ton of bricks , just lately I have asked her if I can be put on the pill because of my periods are really bad , and she straight...

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which did you like better?

dio's holy diver or killswitch engages? KSEs
Nirvanas negative creep or velvet revolvers? hard one. nirvanas
ozzy osbournes crazy train or bullet for my valentines? ozzys duh.
metallicas master of puppets or triviums? metallicas
pink floyds another br...

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I feel lonely and need advice

I moved to FL with my boyfriend and its been 4 months now but I cant help but feel trapped not because me and him are living together but I feel like I have no friends here and he doesnt like me making friends because I don't hang out with chicks that ...

21 views · Love & Relationships

How can I turn my lifestyle around?

Ok,so I'm tired of this life I have. I'm tired of my mom having to work hard and only have mony for a week. I don't mean to sound stuck up but I do not belong in East Austin I belong in West Austin with the good schools big brick houses and sweet smell...

44 views · Health

Strange dog behavior, possably important?

Alright I have a small puppy named star, she is a lasa apsu. We moved to florida last august and she was fine but recently she has been doing a few strange things. She rarely ever pees or poops in the house but when she does its because noone was here ...

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How can I turn back to God?

okay, so I've been depressed for over ten months now, and through my depression I've turned my back on God.
and everytime I begin to ask for help, people tell me that I need to turn to God for answers, and pray to Him. that He will help me, and is just...

111 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

My Sister Is Driving Me Up the Wall!!!

My sister is 3 years younger and always need to get her way, And when she doesn't she whines like a 2 year old! She is always pushing my buttons until I completely freak out on her and I start screaming my head off and then she calls my mom and the I g...

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How much will it cost to add a window?

I just moved into a new house and my room is upstairs (it used to be an attic so its complete with the slanted ceilings but maybe 2 feet of flatness at very top). It has no windows and I love the feel of a window in my bedroom. I love waking up in the ...

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Sad but I don't think I'm depressed

okie heres the deal...
im really sad but I dont think im depressed
well I dont really think I need counseling just want someone to talk to, someone who will pay attention and actually care
well I the other day I asked my mother if I could have counseli...

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I fall down a flight of steps landed on my head
my faice is alvayse rad im glad that im ganna be dead sum day
I shot a police man after he saide "FREEZE GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES"
fu*k peace maney turnd me to satan I stabed a man
showd up at his...

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My dog won't poop in the backyard.

My boyfriend and I adopted a lab mix from the humane society about 10 months ago. He is the best dog we can ever ask for, I have no complaints except for one. We live in a condo and take him on walks daily to poop and pee becasue we don't want to be ru...

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What do you think I should fix on this poem?

its hard to go through life
with nobody by your side
Its lonley, scary, and unawaring
part of my life I was alone no one was ever home, a loner at school
walking from southeast to spring valley
having to go through allies because the streets were...

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Random Survey

How amazing was your last kiss 1-10?

what was the last thing you did with your right hand?

worst drug you've ever done?

last thing you put in your mouth?

You get three wishes, you can't wish for money or more wishes, what do you wish for?

Do you k...

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Want to lose weight or gain muscle and run faster

I was wondering how I could lose some weight and or gain more muscle and be a faster runner I am 15 5,9 196lbs build like a brick s"it house im a big kid theres no hiding that but I wouldnt call my self fat just big and built I would like to at least w...

49 views · Nutrition & Fitness

What the hell did I get myself into?

Okay so my Biology teacher is a B!TCH.
I've had problems with her since day one.
She hates me I hate her.

So today we had her for two hours (usually we have her for 45min.)
We were studing for finals.
So my bestfriend Jenny starts to laugh & play arou...

35 views · Education & School

A random survey

A random survey

1. What are you thinking right now?
2. If you could meet anyone who would it be?
3. Have you ever took a picture of yourself and a few days later you hated it??
4. If you woke up a different gender what would you do?
5. If you could pu...

39 views · General Knowledge

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