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what is the name of the song ?

what was the song on the trailer for peter pan ? and who sang it ? here's the trailer if you want to hear it

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what is the name of the song

what is the name of the song used in the trailer for burn after reading?

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How to get rid of carpenter ants?

I have carpenter ants in my travel trailer and cant get rid of them.

50 views · Home & Garden

Who is going to buy the new assassin's creed brotherhood game when it launches in November?

I know I am...check out the official trailer here, too from E3. Seriously, you have got to watch the's *AWESOME*.

13 views · Gaming & Games

Who have seen the new movie Hulk this friday?

is it awesome like it appears on the trailers?

8 views · Entertainment

Far and away

Does anyone know the name of the song that is playing during the Theatrical Trailer of Far and Away?

21 views · Music

What is this song?

On the 'fame' trailer whats the first song that plays? + also on 'aliens in the attic' whats the song played on the credits ?

15 views · Music

Who wants to see the new movie Legion?

Each time I see the trailer on TV I want to see the movie even more. Who on FunAdvice wants to see the movie Legion as much as I do?

37 views · Entertainment

Twilight on Ipod

I was on the official site of Twilight and it had the trailer for it on the first page you come to and it has different ways to watch the trailer like in full screen or smaller screen. It also said Ipod and I clicked on it hoping to download it onto my...

35 views · Entertainment

What is this song

I'll attach the link in a reply to this, but in the trailer for Prayers For Bobby, there is a song where no one sings, but it is very moving there a title to it?

34 views · Music

Who is ready to see the "Eclipse" movie based off the Twilight books?

I believe it comes out soon. Photo and trailer attached!

42 views · Entertainment

Who is ready to see Paranormal Activity 2?

It's supposedly coming out sometime in 2010...get ready. Who's excited?

(Trailer linked below)

17 views · Entertainment

What ever happend to pauly shore?

What ever happend to pauly shore I herd he was makeing a movie called oppisite day but I havnt seen any trailer or any thing

53 views · Entertainment


Who has seen trailers (& what not) for Halo 3: ODST & thinks that it looks absolutely AWE-SOME???!
(yeah, girls play video games too!)

37 views · Gaming & Games NSFW

Does anyone know where, and if, I can find "Louder Than Words" by Mariposa Lane Music?

Its used in the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 trailer.

12 views · Music

What is a really good video editing software?

I really want to make my own trailers, with credits kinda like this :

What do i use?

17 views · Computers & Tech

The future of watching movies

I've just watch the avator trailer,the ground breaking 3d movie avator is being hyped as revolutionising the way we watch movies in the future do you believe in all the hype,or is it just to get publicity for the movie?

64 views · Entertainment

When is the final fantasy 7 remake out?

I saw a trailer for the remake like 2 years ago, I know its coming out, but has anyone any idea when? Loves that game!

13 views · Gaming & Games

Devil May Cry movie question

I have heard that in 2010, Devil May Cry will come with a movie with real people and My question is: Do you have a link where I can see a trailer of the movie that maybe tell me the info about the movie?

42 views · Gaming & Games

What is the music with preview of Blood Sweat and Luxuries on bbc3?

What is the music used on the BBC Three trailer for Blood Sweat and Luxuries? Its doing my head please someone tell me you know :)

thanks il be so greatful!!

17 views · Music

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