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What brand of fabric glue is best?

Im making my on costume for halloween because i cant find one that i want. I'm making a poison ivy costume (from the comic book) with a skin colored leotard and fake plant leaves. But should i use fabric glue? im afraid if i glue them on then put on th...

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Why won't my Retail Plus DVD+/-RW Ultra Slim USB 2.0 external CD drive work?

I got it for hristmas and it has worked great up until now. It will turn on for like 10 seconds (light will come on and will make the noises even let me put a cd in it) but then it just suddenly stops. I have everything installed for it and I haven't d...

404 views · Computers & Tech

How to Remove Fabric Decal?

You know when you're at the store and see all these Teeny Colourful Designs on T-shirts with exploding Patterns??

I recently bought a really nice shirt and it happens to have an annoying heat pressed-on Golden patch that tacks on the front. I want i...

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Collage This Year Business Retail administration Help.

Okay this is what id be Learning When I Go..
Introduction to Customer Service
Personal Effectiveness
Introduction to Administration
, Social Responsibility at Work
Introduction to Retail,
Communicating Effectively at Work.
I was wondering, ...

13 views · Education & School

Why is getting a retail job seriously so hard to get?! :(

I'm 16 so I am able to meet the eligibility requirements to get a job. I'm really in need of a job so I can get the money I make for college and save my parents a lot of money and trouble. I have been searching for a job for six months straight and not...

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Camper awning

How to replace just the fabric on a retractable awning?

43 views · General Knowledge

Medieval clothing

How was clothing made and what fabrics were used to make them in medieval times and also waht types of fabric were used then that is either different or the same to the types of fabrics that we use today?

17 views · Beauty & Style

What can I make for my room?

I want to make something for my room, out of fabric. any ideas?

27 views · Home & Garden

What does denim go with?

Does denim go with virtually any other color and / or various other fabrics, I.e., silk?

9 views · Beauty & Style

How can I hide a nose ring for work?

I work for a retail place and were not aloud to have facial pircings what should I do

41 views · Beauty & Style

What happens to unsold clearance merchandise?

What does Walmart, target and other retailers do with the merchandise that doesn't get sold?

122 views · Shopping

What is a good way to remove old coffee stains?

How do I remove old set in coffee stains from a dodge avenger upholstery .

21 views · Home & Garden

where is a good place to sell jewelry?

where would I be able to make the most money off of selling new jewelry

gold watch-retail at $600- purchased for $81
gold/silver money clip-retail at $500- purchased for $72

48 views · Shopping

How much would you pay for a headband?

A really cute headband, (flowers, fabric, glitter), really well made. How much would you pay for it?

11 views · Shopping

Which company offers the largest collection of Turquoise pendants in the UK?

I am looking for an online retailer who specializes in Turquoise Pendants

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Can someone help me with laundry issues ?

Ok so I confused the detergent with the fabric softner and when my clothes came out the dryer all my work pants and like...blotches of the fabric softner on it. Almost like do I get it outtt ??!?!?! Someone please help mee :( these are all...

18 views · Home & Garden NSFW

I need help making a c.c. cosplay costume.

im making a c.c cosplay costume and I dont know what fabric to use?
can anyone help me?

14 views · Entertainment NSFW

How can I get out of this situation?

Today my mom and I spent $100 on fabric to make infinity scarfs to fundraise for my trip I am going on. We were so focused on finding material we like and getting the right measurements that I JUST remembered that the fabric should look the same on eac...

14 views · Home & Garden

how can you get the smell out of clothing that has been stored w/ mothballs?

washing in the washing machine w/ tide and downey fabric softner DOES NOT WORK !!

20 views · Home & Garden NSFW

What are some good sales techniques?

I'm beginning my first job at a retail store tomorrow and I want to know what are some good techniques. I want to be the best I can be. Help me!

33 views · Jobs & Money

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