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How long does heroin stay in system

How long is herion detected by piss testing

157 views · Health

Eptopic pregnancy

Can a regular pregnancy test from the store detect an eptopic pregnancy the same as it would a normal pregnancy.

31 views · Health

Funniest Movie Ever!

What is the funniest movie you've ever seen??? The funniest movie I've seen was Friday and Ace Ventura Pet Detective!

46 views · Entertainment NSFW

How long does a body need to decompose to give off cadaverine?

How long does a body need to decompose before it gives off cadaverine which is detectable by specialist sniffer dogs?

96 views · Science

I love the show Monk!!!

I love the homoside detective mystery show, Monk!!! Does anyone else know about it and like it, too?

6 views · Love & Relationships

Roger rabbit movie, what was in the flask?

In the movie " who framed roger rabbit"... What was in the flask that detective valliant carried

Please help

14 views · Entertainment

Why does my laptop say my cd drive is empty when it isn't?

Help! it can't detect the contents in my disc.

35 views · Computers & Tech

Does anyone like to watch Forensic Files?

Does anyone like to watch Farenzic Files?
If so, do you all like to see the detectives solve cold cases?

39 views · Entertainment

How long can you have endometriosis and can you get your tubes tied if you have it?

Can a person go on years having endometeriosis and how is it detected?

And if you have it, can you get your tubes tied or what happens?

68 views · Health

Is the show moonlight being canceled

Is moonlight being canceled? The show with the vampire detective mick st. John guy and the blond reporter girl... Is it being canceled?

24 views · Love & Relationships

Aliens visting earth!!

Just thinking,do you think aliens could have visted earth without been detected by satellites,eg because they got superior technology.

50 views · Science

my built in webcam isn't working

My built in webcam isn't working on my laptop.. it just says no webcam detected! How can I make it work? Is there something to download online?

438 views · Computers & Tech

Norton scans

ok so I keep getting antiviral firewall pop ups that say "trojan detected, or, remote connection detected!!!" I just ran a flippin norton scan and it said I had 1 thing I needed to fix -I DID- now it says everythings FINE on my computer. Is everything...

10 views · Computers & Tech

tell me how

can any body tell me how to detect weather I had one of the spy software or key guard logger is already in my computer or not. thank you

9 views · Computers & Tech

What home remedie exists to test for semen?

If there were a solution that could be made at home to detect the presence of semen one could find out if there daughter were having sex.

795 views · Sex

Escape url in php?

How would I detect the escape the url in php. eg. So that if somebody navigated to
the word TEST would be echoed.

57 views · Computers & Tech

PSP help?

to go on the internet on a PSP, do you have to have wireless? or can you have dialup?

and when I set the connections up it says 'a connection error has occured. the access point was not detected'

what do I do?

10 views · Gaming & Games

How to do breast examination on my girlfriend?

My girlfriend just allowed me to feel her up but still no sex. Is there any good breast examination technique which I can make her feel good just with her breasts alone. It also can be useful to detect and prevent breast cancer.

106 views · Sex

Does anyone like Law and Order?

does any one love to watch law and order svu my favorite actor is maricka haritgay or detective olivia benson

35 views · Entertainment

How can I remove the trojan spycrush?

i keep getting a system alert that says spy-ware was detected . when i click on it ,a spycrush ad appears. how do i remove it ?

22 views · Computers & Tech

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