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Dental clinics

When you walk into a clinic for a first-time consultation, what do you need to bring with you?

Sometimes i see girls with a green card other with a white one, do you get my question.

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Does carbonated water cause dental erosion?

Nowadays it has been our regular life style to have drink of coca cola or thumsup and many other varieties of carbonated water which are flavoured. Is it risky for our health to drink these carbonated water?

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Free Clinic

In Newport News, Virginia, there is a building beside the Riverside Hospital. I don't know the address or phone number or what it is called. I think its like a free clinic. If anyone knows please help.

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Do tongue piercings really cause dental problems?

Hey guys,heard that tongue piercings will get some dental problems.Eg.Clipped teeth,gum disease,bad breath etc.Is there anything I can do to prevent all these?

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Is it safe to soak my dental flipper in mouthwash diluted with warm water at night?

I heard there are things deigned for it and mouth wash is for he moth not for physical objects. Is that true?

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does dental insurance cover check ups?

i have a cavity that i need filled and i heard dental insurance does not cover check ups after you hit the age 18+. if that is true then it is ridiculous to charges 50+ to get told what you need done and then charged 5x more to get what you need done.

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What can i do if my dental crown fell off?

I have this dental crown for 2 years but its kind of loose i dont know what to do and the dentist wouldnt even remember me now what do you suggestme tell me please and also tell me if there is something that i can buy in the pharmacy for this thank you.

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what jobs can't you get if you have suffered from clinical depression (or any other type of depression)?

I wanted to know if anybody could please tell me what jobs you wouldn't be able to do if you suffered from depression (any sort), so if you have any answers, they would be very much appreciated =) thnx

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What are eating disorders clinics like???

Im on a waiting list for this eating disorders clinic place. Its quite a long wating list. Im going to have to wait about 3 months.

But I was wondering what they were like.
What do they actually do.

They wont weight me will they???!!

Or will it just...

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What should I do about my sensitive tooth after dental work?

I had my top 2 front teeth and bottom 2 front teeth filed down a little bit to be straighter and one on the bottom now feels really sensitive like air going through it and it hurts. Should I wait it out or is it serious?

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Dental issue-gums sore!

What can I do? I've been religiously brushing for a long time, and all of a sudden my gums are SORE and swollen and they bleed when I brush. I'm coming to the realization that I may have gingivitis, but what can I do? Will going to the dentist help, or...

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What happens, underage, clinic, morning after pill?

Basically, me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex, and he came inside me, its the first (and last) time I do it unprotected, normally im sensible because I know I wouldnt cope with a child or pregnancy, but gave in this one time, but what I want to kn...

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Is an aptt necessary when attending Western Dental?

so tomarrow my mom is planning on taking me to tha dentist ..

she is unsure about tha situation and I want to know so we don't waste our time and gas going out there and being turned you need to make an aptt for that?or are walk-ins welcome?

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what happens at cheerleading clinics?

ok soo im going out for cheerleading at my high school. I've never cheered before soo this is my first time. the clincs are in 2 days. I just wanted to know what happens at clinics, is there anything I need to know, or bring, or practice. I really wan...

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How do I open up my own clinic?

what do i need and who do i talk too? i am almost 19 and i want to be successful in something...i don't have a degree and i am not planning on getting one so please don't say earn a degree cause i heard u can open one even if u don't go to college..i j...

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do the family planning clinic tell your parents ?!

if you go to a famly planning clinic, and ask for a pregnancy test are they allowed to tell parents, even if it's positive or not, + if you are pregnant and you want a to get rid of it, is there any way you could do that without your parents knowing, ...

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What steps do I take to get a job as a dental assistant if I have?

I just got my diploma for basic dental assisting and now I want to get my radiology license but I'm not sure if the state will grant me the opportunity to take the test because of my criminal background. I have been charge free sinc 2006 and am complyi...

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Is my sexual health clinic completely private?

i am currently on the pill at a s3xual health clinic and not my doctors and i was wondering if i get ill and need to go to the doctors will the history or data be revealed/ be accessed at my docotors or is it completely private like they said? im not ...

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When you fill out the form at a walk-in clinic, do they send the information to your family doctor (read info)?

As well, is it a must you put your family doctor in your information? Another semi-related question, can walk-in clinics prescribe birth control? I would appreciate it if someone answers each question straightforward, I have quite a few issues with my ...

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Question I took a pregnancy test yesterday and two lines appeared but one was darker than the other one so today I went to the clinic to

Take another pregnancy test and it was negative. I'm expecting my period next week but I'm so confused I know it's too early to know for sure but I've been peeing a lot lately and my lower back hurts. Need answers !

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