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Lose weight with the Keto Diet

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My boss is making sexual advances towards me.

How do I make her stop?

I am 32 year old married man. About six months ago our director retired and they brought in a 25 year old woman to be the new director. I was upset at first because I felt they over looked me for the job. The only thing I ...

65 views · Sex

What's With Marilyn Manson

What's up with Marilyn Manson? Why do the main streamers give him the name Goth? He's no where near it. He's just your stereotypical metal head(if you can even call his music metal). Only 7% of Goths will claim that he is, & that 7% are usually Mall-Go...

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60 random questions

Where did your last kiss take place?
2Who knows a secret or two about you?
3Four words to explain why you last threw up?
4Have you ever burned yourself?
5What's crazy to you?
6Favorite cuss word:
7Who is probably talking a load of cra...

61 views · General Knowledge

FunAdvice Christmas Countdown (24 days) - December 1st, 2011

The final days towards Christmas have officially started. Make sure you're ready to meet the holidays head on with some help from our wide selection of Christmas tutorials:

How to start a holiday tradition

36 views · FunAdvice Community

Do you have any advice for this hopeless romantic?

This is going to be tedious, and it seems to me; that it’s the only thing that motivates me. Every now and then there are new axioms, delineations and basic fundamentals of the unwritten rules of love. Like some – I had a childhood of poverty, molestat...

36 views · Love & Relationships

im 14 and really want a baby

hi there my name is katie and im 14 years of age. I know that the user name says mum2be but I am on a friends account thats all. Anyway, for years I have been wanting to have a baby and I know it sounds crazy but I have everything worked out. This migh...

62 views · Parents & Family

How am I going to make 10k now that I am going to be a DAD?

This post is not some sort of cheap attempt to get a measly few more views on my site from this community. I genuinely want your ideas on my situation.

My situation (A new beginning):

I just started an IT business a few months ago on the Gold Coast (...

43 views · Jobs & Money

Why is he acting all horrible all of a sudden?

I know I should just dump him technically speaking but when you love someone properly you seek out reasons for why he is acting a certain way etc.

First off, I am pregnant - nearly 24 wks gone and 26 years old, v miserable and alone, working my bum...

50 views · Love & Relationships

Chimps using spears!!! - evolution?

Chimpanzees 'hunt using spears'

Chimpanzees in senegal have been observed making and using wooden spears to hunt other primates, according to a study in the journal current biology.

Researchers documented 22 cases of chimps fashioning tools to...

53 views · Science

How do I know I want a baby?

Hi Fun Advice, wow I haven't been on here for so long, I don't know who's on here now or if my old friends are still active but regardless, I need some help!

I am now 20, and my partner is turning 23 very soon. He wants a baby so badly, but I'm just...

50 views · Parents & Family

Touchy subjects.

My last question cause a huge argument and I recieved over 40 messages in the space of a few days.
Some very abusive which tbh, I did not deserve as I wasnt aiming it at anyone in particular.
But any way.

Some interesting topics I would like to dis...

37 views · Sex

Oil from bug poo?

What do you think of this? (from

AMERICANS could one day be filling their tanks with the genetically modified excretions of tiny bugs if one Silicone Valley start-up has its way.

LS9 says it is just one month away from beginning it...

48 views · Science

Could I work in research psychology with a felony?

I am returning to school after a long break in between and must change paths after 3 years headed down another one. I had been an early childhood education major. At this point, I realize it will take me another 2 years minimum to complete my undergrad...

146 views · Jobs & Money

US Drinking Age (Change?)

As some of you may know there is a quite large petition going around to try and change the legal drinking age from 21 to 18, I'm curious to hear what everyone thinks about this matter, I myself think it would be bad, allowing 18yr old's to buy alcohol ...

96 views · Politics & Law

Am I just being too suspicious of my husband?

I am married to a man I have known almost 30 years. (platonic)Third marriage for both of us. We have been married a little over two years. Right from the beginining we had problems.He is not the person I thought he was.We argue often because I am const...

129 views · Sex

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