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Im currently lost with my body

Im 24, ever since I was in school I've been overweight, not tremendously but I definitely was skinny or average. Im 5'10 and my highest weight was 210 in school. Since I graduated, I was determinted to lose weight, I got some exercise equipment, and ex...

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Should I contact them to tell them about my attempted suicide even though I'm not supposed to?

Due to struggles with alcohol, a recent family death, losing my home in the flooding, etc, I recently lost several close friends whom I am no longer supposed to contact. They are being understanding, and are willing to chat when we bump into eachother...

18 views · Beauty & Style

Can't get a job and I need one Yesterday.

I'm 21 years old and have always worked in the restaurant industry. I recently left my job working at a 24 hr diner b/c of financial, safety, and, moral reasons. I have a pretty good resume for being so young. I went to a culinary high school and am a ...

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How to persuade my dad?

Well... you see I have a three year old, male bunny rabbit at the moment, he is healthy, I am very responsible, I clean him out, play with him, always make sure he is cared for, and he is happy... BUT... I really feel like he is missing out...]


68 views · Pets & Animals

what are some stereotypes you have to deal with in your daily life basis?

here are some stereotypes i found::::::: yeah i know thats a lot---- * It is a common belief in America that all other countries don't really exist.
* I'm Brazilian, so I must have a big butt.
* I'm black so I must love fried chicken and ko...

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How do you feel about this poem?

It's called "Why A Scientist Makes a Better Lover Than A Poet."

Don't go at my love willy-nilly
That isn't the way
Have a plan
To breach the beaches of my orgasm
There must be a full on attack
Technology more advanced than a pen is required


29 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Can anyone help a depressed anorexic?

I wasn't meant to be here. I don't want to be here anymore. Life just wasn't meant for me. Why can't it be okay to want to die? I'm just a stupid, ugly, fat, loser who is only causing others pain and agony. I've been anorexic for umm.. 25 years old- 18...

11 views · Health

Who knows how to catch a ghost?

Well,lately I have been seeing ghosts.I was going for a walk the other day in the dark(I love the dark)and me and my friend were gonna meet at the end of the street.when I got to the end of the street,I saw a person like figure that looked like

104 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

2012, Mayan Calendar

I was just wondering what people thought about it.
I spent months studying the Mayan calender trying to figure it out.

December 21, 2012
All they foresee is a "Great Change" which doesn't so much say the world will end, in their teachings it is shown ...

46 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

What should I do, ghosts? #2?

I know this is probably the longest question in the history of f.a but please read and help me

Ok I know you all gave me advice on what to do I called the man about the girl and he did his thing and told me to do some stuff which I followed very caref...

22 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

corrupting my body!

sooo...I def want indian feathers behind my right ear and the chinese symbol for crazy behind my left ear [kind of a family thing...long story]! I can't wait!

I'm getting a tattoo on my right side of an octopus and it's gonna have a lil seahorse and...

21 views · Beauty & Style

What do you think about the FDA's control of food packaging?

Now here's an interesting and well I guess deeper question that some of you may not think about. So I was reading back in the late 1970's back when the packaging of products was not so strict as it is today that a group of individuals went to several d...

28 views · Sex

How can I talk to my best friend about this?

My best friend and I have been talking for a year or so everyday. literally everyday...
I've liked him for a long time. Before we even started talking again. About three years ago I met him in a band that was just getting started. I take pictures for ...

72 views · Love & Relationships

child abuse! help me

I've had enough of all this crap. so I just found out my girlfriend who was sent to live with their aunt and uncle is being abused. they say im bad and I some freak. they judge me by my looks and call me a drop out drug dealer cause my hair and I dont ...

31 views · Love & Relationships

How am I going to make 10k now that I am going to be a DAD?

This post is not some sort of cheap attempt to get a measly few more views on my site from this community. I genuinely want your ideas on my situation.

My situation (A new beginning):

I just started an IT business a few months ago on the Gold Coast (...

44 views · Jobs & Money

What is the conflicts of this story? Please help!!!?


Squire tells the story of Keladry of Mindelan's years as a squire, between the ages of fourteen and eighteen. Having passed the "big examinations", Kel becomes a squire without a knight-master. While she becomes frustr...

30 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Is this beginning of a story any good?

What is your worst nightmare? Imagine it. Picture it in your mind's eye. Can you see it now? What is it? Tell me. A giant dinosaur rampaging in your home town? A spot on the end of your nose on the morning of a hot date? Losing the 9 to 5 humdrum job t...

34 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Does anyone think this is a decent prolouge?

It's kinda long but if you have the time give it a read and tell me what you think. Note a couple of minor characters don't have any names at this point.
Craig Harper was silently fuming ‘surveillance? Surveillance? He was one of the last humans aliv...

29 views · Art, Writing & Literature

Difference between Goth, Emo, & Metal Head. Any Questions?


I find it to be rather entertaining how people outside the Gothic subculture try to constantly examine & define us as if were some newly discovered creator. I probably find it even more humorous when ignorant people pose threatening gustiers to...

645 views · Beauty & Style

The Confederate flag--Why?

Why is it that people from the southwest use the confederate flag? I went to basic combat training in SC, and in one "class" they asked if anyone thought that it was racist to put the Confederate flag on their car or for it to be flown in front of fede...

125 views · Sex

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