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Cowlick and scene hair

Ok so I have wanted scene hair FOREVER.(It looks so cute !) Anyway, I've tried different styles and nothing really has been working. So I found this picture online and I really want my hair to be like it, the only problem is my cowlick, right dead cent...

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What is the fastest way to remove acne ?

So summer is coming up (kind of), and I have a lot of small red scars left on my forhead from my acne I used to have not long back.
and im soo pale that when its sunny the red scars really stand out and it makes me feel uncomfortable.
so what is one ...

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How do I get rid of red spots and acne on my face?

Oky well latly I've been breaking out more and getting zits were I ussually dont, b.c. I used to just them on my forhead and it was mild, but now I have one above my lip and on my checks, and a few on my nose, I dont have dry skin but I dont have grea...

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How to look pretty in half an hour?

ok so I have to go to a school event in like a half hour and I look terrible! I mean my outfit is fine but my face isnt hair was way to puffy to keep down so I put it up but my bangs wernt working out to well so I pinned those back now I look ...

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Why do I get treated like this by my family?

Why does my family think I belong in a Mental hospital? I know I messed up in 8th grade(I'm a sophomore now) and cut myself and stuff. But they just...think I'm like insane. ='[ It really hurts to hear your sister pull you off to the side and say "I do...

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Was it rape or sexual assult or something like that

k SO I have bin going out with dis guy for 2 weeks hes name is mathew brownive known him since the second grade and his twin sis is mah bff
he has kissed my on the cheek and I want him to do it again but that kis was only doen because if he didnt do ...

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Lying Husband

I am so mad at my husband, that I just want to shoot his butt ! For the umpteeth time, he has stolen my pain pills! They were Loratabls, and he ate about 30-40 of them and then went riding on his Harley alone! What a stupid jerk! I would leave his but...

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Does he stil love me? help

Me and this guy have been in love for a year and a half we went out for 2 months then sh!t got startd so we broke it off ... he wantd to get back with me ever since but I've been so scard to get back with him I've just f.u.c.k.d it all up I've broken ...

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