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Can you wipe it out if he ejaculates in you?

when your boyfriend cum in you can you wipe it out geting pregnant

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Is it harmful to ejaculate daily?

Is it not harmful to your body if you ejaculate everyday? I'm a male.

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Is it harmful to swallow ejaculate during pregnancy?

Is it harmful for a female to swallow cum when she's pregnant?

211 views · Health NSFW

Can you get pregnant by non-ejaculation?

Can you get pregnant if the guy doesn't ejaculate inside of you?

332 views · Health NSFW

Can you get pregnant if he ejaculates on your vagina?

Can you get pregnant if your boyfriend ejaculates on your vagina and some of his semen drips onto or possibly into your vagina?

3083 views · Health NSFW

can you get pregnant off of pre ejaculation?

can you get pregnant off of pre ejaculation? like the little bit that comes out before he busts

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Is clear semen normal for a 14 year old boy when he ejaculates

when I ejaculate the cum is clear

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Can you still get pregnant if he doesn't ejaculate?

If you have unprotected sex but the boy doesnt nut can you still get pregnant?

4003 views · Sex NSFW

Am I pregnant if he didn't ejaculate?

I had sex without a condom [I know it was dumb of me ] but he didnt come . am I pregnant?

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How do I know whether I have pre-ejaculated?

I know I have'nt entered her or ejaculated...but I dont know if I had pre-ejaculated..pls help me..pls???

320 views · Health

Why does ejaculation hurt a guy sometimes?

Why does it hurt a guy somtimes when he ejaculates (like in American Pie) or when he is having s*x with a virgin?

1695 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

On the pill but can I still ejaculate inside her?

My girlfriend is about to go on the pill and I was wondering can I ejaculate inside her? If so what are the chances of her getting pregnant?

8982 views · Health NSFW

Is it safe to ejaculate under your briefs and let it dry?

Is it fine to ejaculate under your brief and let it go until it dries? is it not harmful to your penis or something?

115 views · Love & Relationships

Why didn't I ejaculate?

My girlfriend was giving me oral and when I climaxed, she said nothing came out. What's wrong with me???

113 views · Sex NSFW

What is ejaculation?

that is what?? I need to know these types of probably retarded but please tell me.

16 views · Love & Relationships NSFW

Why does it take a guy longer to ejaculate when receiving oral sex?

Why is it that some guys ejaculate within 5 minutes during sex,but when they are receiving oral sex it takes 10 times longer??

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I Cant Ejaculate

Im 14 but when I masturbate I never ejaculate. I have had a couple of wet dreams before but they are the only times I have ejaculated, can you help me I dont no what to do

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