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Diabetic equipment & supplies

Could I still be a diabetic even if I don't drink excessive amounts but have all the other symptoms?

my dad was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 16/17 which is the same age as me. but me and my family moved out so there for we had to change doctors and we all had to take a urine sample this morning. however i got a phonecall this afternoon saying t...

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who//Could I possibly have diabetes???

ok so I've been doing some research so here are my symptoms and you tell me what you think and what you think I should do
*Fatigue? been very tired a lot for I while for no reason and I feel kind of like im slowed down and feel weighted
*Always thirtsy...

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How do you build an egg protector with limited supplies?

For my Tech Ed class we have to make a egg protector that will protect an egg from a 16 ft. drop using limited supplies. The supplies are: a plastic bag, half a piece of newspaper, 1/2 a filing folder,24 inces of strin, 8 inches of tape,a cupcake liner...

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My girlfriend has diabetes...

My girlfriend and I have been dating since January now. She told me about her diabetes before and what it is. I had a diabetes scare just last month where I passed out and was shaking and the doctors ran some tests and said it was a chance I have diabe...

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Type 1 Diabetes

Recently I noticed that I was constantly thirsty and while I was wondering out loud about it someone mentioned that it might be diabetes. The idea kinda stuck with me so I looked it up and I realized I have a few of the other symptoms. Besides being co...

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May I please speak with the person who buys the office equipment?

That was the lead in to the call I just got...after a long pause, as a result of their setting up the machine driven call to me, to transfer to a real person who could then make the pitch.

Unfortunately for them, I'm the owner of my day job business...

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What - Could I get diabetes if I keep eating like this?

This is what I'd usually eat on a weekend...
Breakfast - Toast or bacon sarnies
Lunch - Ham sandwich & orange squash
Snacks - Rich tea biscuits/shortbread biscuits/choc hob nob biscuts or 1/2 packets of crisps & water, sometimes scrambled egg or a ban...

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What, could my friend have diabetes?

Lately my best friend has been very sick. She's been sick for almost two weeks now and it was kind of on and off. She started to feel better then she'd get sick again. Yesterday me, her, and my mom went to the mall since it seemed like she was feeling ...

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Is it possible I have arthritis, diabetes, or fibromyalgia?

All three run in my family, and I've always had weight problems due to my really bad metabolism (put on a lot of weight when I was about 5 after my dad left due to stress eating). The past few months, I was diagnosed with Asthma, and have been having...

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Diabetes [ Serious Question ]

Okay this all sorta happened when ever I found out about Nick Jonas having diabetes. I was over at my friends house [who has diabetes] and shes like read this, so I did and it was the story of how Nick Jonas found out he had diabetes. I was reading alo...

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How can I lose about 80-90lbs?

i REALLY need o lose weight. Im talking about 80-90 pounds. Im 200 and i want to be around 110-120pds. Im 13 years old and 5'5". it is genetic and whatever i eat makes me gain weight and there is no way i can lose it and i am a binge eater. i can barel...

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What are prediabetes?

Is it the same thing as diabetes? Or is it different?

18 views · Health

free dish network

how can I get dish network for free, or with what equipment?

20 views · General Knowledge

Is there sugar in watermelon?

is their sugar in watermelon 1 cup of sugar and is it dangerous to diabetics?

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Making more milk for breast feeding?

I dont supply much milk I was wondering if any one could give me some tips on how to supply more

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How do I cut my Yorkie's hair?

I would like to cut my yorkies hair myself but what equipment do I need and how do I cut the hair

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Nursing/Working Mom

once milk supply has been depleted, is it gone for good?

21 views · Health

Pregnant while breastfeeding?

Has anyone gotten pregnant while breastfeeding if so how did it effect your milk supply in the very beginning?

32 views · Health

What is the meaning of 'school profile'?

I got this letter from a university telling me to supply the 'school profile' for my school.
What's a school profile?

353 views · Education & School

Walmart vs. Home Depot

I am painting my room and I need to buy some supplies. It is a rental so I don't want high end. Which store is cheaper to get supplies Walmart or Home Depot?

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