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expierinced in manufacturing/producion

Can I as a felon( 4th degree state jail felon) get a job in Austin Texas in the manufacturing industry

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What are some comparisons of New Spain, New England, and New France?

Ideally about where they settled, interactions with native americans, trade, missions, and agriculture.

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does anybody know anything bout Laos?

does anybody know anything bout Laos? major landmarks,agriculture,type of currency,about transportation,climate,anything will help.

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I need a love song

can any one think of good love songs that are metal, goth, industrial,hard rock, 80s pop... no emo, no matelica, no 80s metal. I want goth or industrial. but I realize that is not popular. and the songs im looking for are love songs not break up songs....

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How to be an air hostess?

Whats the best way to get into the cabin crew industry?
I have applied to do a travel and tourism course already?

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Ear piercings in the workplace

I have 6 piercings in each ear. Do anybody think it would be a problem working in the hospitality industry. Will they make me take my earrings out.

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Where do I go from here?

I don't know what to do with my appearance. I have never been at a loss before because I have worked in the beauty industry or else had people around me with feedback. I am tired, stressed and look it.

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Do we penalise individuals who bring their nation or religion into disrepute?

FIFA has a penalty for bringing the game into disrepute. Many corporations and industry associations have penalties for employees or companies doing the same.

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How to start a music career?

Since age 10 music was my talent but I have no idea how I can take it further to the business industry I need your help in this regarg


21 views · Jobs & Money

Singing career?

ok I'm a really good singer... like really good. and I want to actually try to get into the music industry. or just do a show or something...any help?

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Is carbon sequestration real?

Big debate about carbon sequestration. Is it real? Can I really buy and trade carbon credits or is it paper trading? Research and see for yourself what the farmer is up against if big industry can buy carbon out of thin air!

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Which weird ear piercing to get?

my mom says im only allowed to get my ears pierced[sigh] (I really want my bellybutton done) so im thinking about just getting a really weird ear piercing I was thinking about and industrial or a tragus any other ideas?

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How can I become an adult movie actor?

i really want a job in "that" industry if you know what i mean. i know im too young for it but im just thinking for my future. do i need to contact some person? and how?

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Top 10 most painful piercings

I just wanna know I have my industrial, my nose, and my belly button and I have 4 holes in my ears and I wanna get my rook and tragus soon too.

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Record deal or auditions or something?!?!?

Hey I'm a singer and I'm looking for chances to get into teh music industry.
If anyone knows of any record deals, or auditions, or something in cincinnati please,please tell me!

28 views · Music

What do you think are reasonable punishments for people who commit environmental crimes?

Such as killing an endangered animal, being responsible for a major industrial accident, polluting a river, etc…

21 views · Politics & Law

Where can people over 55 get a good job?

I want to work in a more congenial, less pressurized environment. Any comments on good cities, good industries, etc. is much appreciated.

50 views · Jobs & Money

What do models do when they are over the standard weight and told to lose it in 5 days?

Say they go to an industry and they seem to be over weight or at least not to the model standards and tell them be back in 5 days, weight much less. What kinda diet do they do?

524 views · Nutrition & Fitness

New Imperialism

hey.. I have to do an essay on how the industrial revolution, the new imperialism and pollution effected the world... I need causes and effects on the new imperialism.. its a hard topik to write about... can you help me by giving me a few facts???

9 views · Education & School

Is a contract food service provider in the commercial sector or public sector?

I am studying the hospitality industry and I'm kind of struggling with this particular section, help would be appreciated :)

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