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How do I change ashy hair back to brown ?

I put sun in over the summer to my roots turned pale blonde and I want to go back to brown so I put in an ash brown they gave me at the beauty supply place and my hair came out light dirty blond with brown roots. Now its still a very light brown blonde...

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Wiccan love spells

K I would like some love spells for my book of shadows and there are some specific guidelines that they need to have:
No candles
No incense
No fresh rose petals

As you can see my supplies are very limited and I also have to practice discreetly so...

18 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

acne product that actually works

does anybody know a good acne product for teenagers with a lot of acne? I've tried going to the dermatologist, but that didn't work at all. I've looked at proactive, but it's really expensive. I need something that really works and preferably works fas...

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How to use outline in Microsoft word 2007-8?

I'm wondering, how does the outline feature work in Microsoft word 2007-8 work?
I need some help since I'm frustrated and lost. This is for speech and, we need to make a rough draft. I'm not good with Microsoft Office 2007 all that well. I'm learni...

45 views · Computers & Tech

Dead Beat Father

I am 9 months pregnant and through out this whole time I have been doing everything alone. From Doctor's visits to buying baby supplies. And now I am due any day, which to my suprise now the "Baby's Father" wants to be involved in our lives. I'm not to...

13 views · Love & Relationships

Do you know any Tools And Industrial Equipment Supplier in the USA?


Do you know a supplier company that supplies Industrial tools, like nuts, steel, gloves, spray, helmet, etc.

Im from middle east. Our trusted supplier, CITC, is kinda busy sometimes. So we need 1 or more supplier from US and Dubai.

37 views · Jobs & Money

How do I become less shy about my interest in skateboarding with my parents?

i'm having a really rough time self teaching myself how to skate. i'm extremely shy with just about any interest of mine. how do i bring the topic up? i also need to know great places to buy skateboard supplies, such as grip tape, bearings..etc.

41 views · Sports & Activities

Self-Piercing Your Septum

I need to know how to pierce your own septum. Starting with how to ice it. Ways to stay calm, and finish it off with cleaning regemens & jewelery. I also need a supply list and a guid on how to sterilize.

Thanks for reading :]

Oh, one thing I don...

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good deal or bad deal

Ok so we got roy e williams from the lions I think it's good but on the other hand I dont know cause if he get's more cathes then t o then there could be a big problem in big d give me your take they gave up a 1 round draft 3 round and a 6th round.

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Which route to take to strip black hair dye?


I am new here and came across your advise when looking for some myself about how to strip my hair. I have been doing my own hair for years and I have been really successful at it, only dealing with beauty supplies for my hair supplies. My ...

368 views · Beauty & Style

Do we need the US government to figure out how to make transactions secure?

Apparently, the government is drafting a plan to help figure out how to make sure people can transact online knowing that their identity, and the other party, are both trustworthy...don't we already have this in the form of websites...? I know I trust ...

11 views · Politics & Law

Loosing The Baby Fat!

I'm am due any day now with my first son and I would like any suggestions on how I can begin to loose my "Baby Fat". I will be nursing and I feel that it is very important that I don't loose too much too fast due to the fact that it may effect my milk ...

30 views · Nutrition & Fitness

chihuahua pregnant

ok I know my dog is pregnant she is due very soon. my question is that... Her temp. has dropped to 98.7 then went back up to 99.5 and she is showing NO signs of whelping yet. she is just resting a lot, she is not sheding paper or hiding or anything. ...

75 views · Pets & Animals

School Schedules?

So... my friend doesn't really like her Mech Draft. class in high school. She kind of wants to get out of it but the school system won't let her without a legitimate reason.

What's a good fake reason to tell them that will convince the school to let h...

19 views · Education & School

Taxes because I am in school we can claim anything like computers?

Its just me and my husband...we never get very much money back each year. I am curious to find out if what I have herd is true. A lady I was talking to told me that we can claim our food, clothes and gas if we save the receipts and that we will get mon...

43 views · Jobs & Money

how do you writea thesis driven research paper?

I know you need a thesis but like for my topic I have to write about "charter cities"

so can anyone explain to me what I need todo.
do I needto write about charter cities?

I wrote a rough draft basically talking about it and my teacher said that...

61 views · Art, Writing & Literature

New Motherboard

Okay, I just installed a new motherboard, processor, power supply and memory. When I press the power switch on the computer, it turns on, and beeps once, and sometimes it even boots on the screen.. but after a few sec it shuts itself down and the HDD l...

16 views · Computers & Tech

Great Danes

I really want a great dane more than anything but I want more info on them
whats a good website that tells you:
how to care for them
what supplies you need
how to train them
what color is natural and healthy
and where to get them

I've been looking eve...

12 views · Pets & Animals

Has anyone heard of Nitetrim?

has anybody heard of nitetrim its suppose to help you lose weight while you sleep and in the morning when you wake up you suppose to have energy.I haven't ordered it yet,theres a free trail ofter I saw online for a 15 day supplies but I am not sure i...

22 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Why do I get red spots all over my body when I come out of a shower?

So it's been happening for a couple of weeks now. At first I thought it was because I was taking really hot showers, but today I took the last shower in the house and my shower was actually kind of cold and I still had the red spots. Then I thought it ...

57 views · Beauty & Style

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