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Diabetic equipment & supplies

Were to get graffiti supplies need asap

I was wondering were in saskatchewan, canada could I get good graffiti supplies as to my knowledge there is no graf shops around and I cannot buy off the net so if anyone knows of any stores that are not american and common that have many good supplies...

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Am I a diabetic and should I keep taking shots?

My dad is a diabetic and the other day I got sick. My dad checked my sugars and they were 183 (the range for your sugars should be around 100) So he said they were a little high but thats because I was sick. I checked my sugars the next day and decided...

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I'm I crazy to want to be a diabetic?

I might be in danger of becoming a diabetic now. The doctors think its because my dad is a diabetic and hes had it for his whole life. so is it strange to want to be a diabetic? they say is isnt a sure thing yet but I should drink lots of waters and tr...

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Where are the cheapest art supplies?

Where can I find absolutely dirt cheap prices on good art supplies. I go through tons of acrylic paints, oil paints, clear coats, glazes, knives, brushes, vellum, etc. I have used Dick Blick with a pretty good pricing but I want to spend a lot less...

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What do you buy a family for Christmas when you hardly know them and several members are diabetic?

So this year my boyfriends family is having christmas with his brothers girlfriends family, and its up to me to think of a good gift for the family as my boyfriend never thinks of this stuff. I have only met them once, so I dont really know a lot about...

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How Do you break through with your song lyrics if you have very little money for studio or studio equipment?

Im an Mc/Rapper and i want write bars every single day because its what i love. due to personal problems money is hard to come about to put towards a studio or studio time. can anyone think of a way to promote myself via cheap means?

12 views · Music

Has anyone purchased any excercise equipment or tapes that they actually felt worked for them?

Its almost impossible for me to get out the house with both kids in this heat to workout and the hubby is to tired to watch them by himself by the time he gets home from work. So, has anyone bought some type of excercise machine or tapes that they felt...

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How to know if you have diabetes or sugar problems ?

Ok so I think I might have diabetes im 17 and I looked up the sysmpotoms of diabetes and so far everything the social website said thats what I have conset thirst really tired always got to pee I lose a lot of weight but then I gain it back and I reall...

22 views · Health

What's the name of this camera equipment?

I am trying to find out the name of the thing that connects the flash to the camera. it looks like some type of bracket, I saw a guy taking pictures at a wedding and he had in on his camera. it look like a backwards C or maybe E. I dont know, can so...

42 views · Computers & Tech

Trying the Extenze pill ** being a Diabetic

My boyfriend is a Diabetic, and when it comes to having sex, we don't have any problems in that area, but of course looking at the commericals for the Extenze pills, he got a little curious on trying them,. So I placed a order for them, and now just...

452 views · Sex

I think I have diabetes?

I think I have diabetes here are my symptoms

Mood swings
Fatigue, or a feeling of being "run down" and tired
Rapid breathing
Blurred vision
Dry, itchy skin
Excessive thirst
Frequent urination
Extreme hunger

I am practically crying ri...

47 views · Health

diabetic or infection

so I am 21 obese and for the past like 3 years I have been getting these bumps under my arm my breast, my hip, inner thigh and groin area now I have been to the doctor a few times he has given me antibiotics and while taking them the bumps go away but ...

14 views · Health

no periods, pcos, diabetic, overweight and want to conceive

im 37 & married, my husband has a child from a prev marriage, so im guessing its me? I've been trying to get pregnant for too many years ( about 12 !! ). I was told I have pcos. im diabetic, but have good numbers. im overweight but active. I havent ha...

44 views · Health

How much do I charge for babysitting a 5yr old diabetic for a week?

I have been asked to babysit a 5year old diabetic boy and his older 12 year old brother. They will be staying over for a whole week, I will provide them with food and they will be sleeping over for the entire week. The 12 year old is not much trouble b...

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am I having a break down or is it my diabetes

for some odd reason I started to burst out in tears and I don't know why?
I was talking to my boyfriend when it happen I know it wasn't cause of him because he is a good guy. I don't know if it was cause I was having a break down or my diabetes this ha...

20 views · Health

How do I make diabetic desserts that tastes good?

My boyfriends brother is an insulin dependant diabetic and we are having dinner with him tomorrow night. I got the task of making dessert so I made a blueberry cheesecake. It was pretty easy to make a diabetic version of that, only hard part was no one...

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I think I might be a diabetic. im thirsty all the time, im tired, and even just standing up gets me dizzy. just the flourescent lights in my school make the sides of my eyes fuzz up so I cant see anything but straight. im really irratible, and I hav...

39 views · Health

Goalie ice hockey equipment

Im getting a new pair of pads tomorrow or the day after, and im kind of torn between some rbks, and itechs...
I've read all the specs and stuff,and they both sound great, but the itechs are based on me being able to move better, faster, and e...

16 views · Sports & Activities

Supplies for 46 gallon aquarium???

I started with a 5 gallon at the beginning of the week. And now I have a 46 gallon. I was wondering what is the best kind of vacuum? I can't find one. Well I have found them but not sure which to get at a reasonable price. Also, plants? Do I need tall ...

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does this sound like pre-diabetes?

I have a dry throat right now so can that be why i'm thristy
I was bored so I was like on the computer looking at random things when this page for diabetes came up so i'm like cool and click on it and read the symptoms and it said about thirst at nig...

13 views · Health

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