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birthday gifts could I give to my 69 year old grandma?

What birthday gifts could I give to my 69 year old grandma. I need to make them homemade too and I please dont make them need a lot of supplies. so basically they are just basic and easy to make. please help me, im completely out of ideas!

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Does a toileet have to be flushed in order...

to know if the seal between the toilet and floor is broken? I turned off the supply line, and the floor is dried out...but I heard at work today, that the only way to KNOW that the seal ok, is to flush the toilet...

Carpenters? DIY'ers? Help!

15 views · Home & Garden

Why are parents becoming lazy with their kids?

Have y'all notice that more and more kids are having kids and some have no idea who the baby's father is because they been sleeping around so much ...where is the parents o my bad their the ones supplying the beer and buying the slutty clothes and drugs.

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Is there people who will pay you to raise their chickens?

ok is there any program like the holly farm did back in the 80s and 90s, that supply you chickens and they build the cupe and pay you to raise there chickens?is there anything like that anymore if there is can you tell me the place or the link id appr...

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Costs to open a financial aide office?

Just general information, like utilities, advertising, rent/mortgage, furniture, office supplies, vendings/merchandise, etc. Just stuff like that, because everytime I look it up on the internet I just get how financial aid helps with those things. Plea...

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How many people will be needed to cross a frozen wasteland?

It takes a person 6 days to cross a frozen wasteland. However 1 person can carry only 4 days supply's of food and water. How many people are necessary to assure that 1 person will get across and all others will get back?

42 views · Education & School

Do You Like My Poem?

It's a first draft, so feel free to be extremely harsh. :)

I hate you
Because You Hate Me
What did I do?
Help me to see.
I don't understand it
I did nothing bad
But you still hit me
Just stop it, Dad.
Why do you do this?
It's evil
It's sad...

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How much would it cost to care for a chinchilla every month?

If I adopt a chinchilla how much would it be to maintain it each month? It will come with all the main things cage dust pan ect. But I will have to buy the food and dust and bedding. About how much would it add up a month or however long it would suppl...

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What do I have to do with these words for my Spanish project?

Okay I need people who are excellent in Spanish. This project I'm doing, I had turned in the rough draft so my teacher looked at everyone's rough draft and gave it back to all of us. So in Spanish, saying you have long, straight brown hair is el pelo l...

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How could I test a mosfet ?

i have a small 12 volt power supply (batter charger) and it has an IRF Z20 n-channel 50 volt power mosfet. any ideas how i could make a small circuit that would test it to determine if it was working correctly or not ?


15 views · Computers & Tech

What's a good way to clean up a large spill of body wax?

I'm not too sure how this happened, but the drawer I keep all my make-up supplies and such in now has a large pool of hardened wax on the bottom of it. I see no easy way of cleaning it up myself really. It's a wooden drawer if that helps at all as well.

39 views · General Knowledge

What vegetarian food for gym to built muscle mass and rich vitamin?

Hi now I am going on vegetarian diet and I training at gym what food should I eat
I know soy beans is best for protein supply but I read it also increase estrogen hormone

41 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Drs. Foster & Smith vs. Chewy

<p>Foster & Smith, Inc. is an American mail order and e-commerce pet supply corporation. Chewy is an online retailer of pet food and other pet-related products. Which website is best for purchasing items for your pets? </p>

31 views · Pets & Animals

What gift would go with a chicken poop lip gloss?

I wanted it to be funny so when I was at tractor supply we found this lip gloss thing and its called chicken poop. Its funny, but I wanted to get somthing else with it.

(its for a white elephant gift exchange at my youth group)

So any ideas of wh...

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Back to school shopping.

Every year I go school shopping for supplies and clothes a few weeks before school comes around.
And I always make a list beforehand so I know what to buy.
And for some reason, every year I end up forgetting something.
Does anyone have any ideas?

28 views · Education & School

Can we change this?

It is said that developing counteries need 40 billion dollar to have a clean water supply and live healthy but now more than100 billion dollar is lost b/c z diseases due to un safe water and sanitation. So we as human being can we help and change the s...

19 views · Politics & Law

Instruction for camper awning

We bought an a&e retractible 14 ft. Awning new from a camper supply place, it came with no instruction on how to install. We have removed the old awning, we have two people coming this evening to help us install it, some instruction would help a lot. P...

129 views · General Knowledge

Will our dollar fail, and what will happen if it does?

Tonight on the news, they said that the US dollar might fail soon. They also said to start buying extra food and supplies in case it does. I'm wondering, when will it fail, and if it does, what will happen to society? How do keep it from failing? I'm s...

375 views · Politics & Law

How can I get a job to pay for school stuff?

i need a job to help support me in school and i cant find any one who hires 14 year olds in alabama but i really need to get school clothes and supplies and a tutor so if you can, may you help me get a job please....
thanks and god bless you

41 views · Jobs & Money

What should I do about my computer not turning on?

So a coouple days ago, my computer stopped turning on. I've checked the power supply while unplugged; you can still hear electricity in it when its turned on. By turned on, I mean the switch. It doesnt have the fan going or anything.

I've tried unpl...

38 views · Computers & Tech

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