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Diabetic equipment & supplies

What are some symptoms of Diabetes?

I'm curious, what are some symptoms of being diabetic?
I think I may be, but I want to make sure before I tell my parents about it and make an appointment for the doctors

I checked wikipedia and saw some of the symptoms, and I fell under that catog...

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Where's a good option to attach home case equipment on the horizontal drawer?

I'm seeking to increase kitchen cabinet hardware/handles to outside drawers and I've seen them put into different positions

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Can low blood sugar increase your chances of becoming diabetic?

I think I have low blood sugar and I was wondering if you don't eat reguraly, get dizzy, and other symptoms like hypoglycemia if that can create diabeates, or is diabeates something your born with?

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Office supplies?

I've been looking for this item, its plastic, shaped like a triangle, and you can put folders, or papers in it. it stands straight up and down...not left to right. any 1 know what this thing is called??

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Do you know any Tools And Industrial Equipment Supplier in the USA?


Do you know a supplier company that supplies Industrial tools, like nuts, steel, gloves, spray, helmet, etc.

Im from middle east. Our trusted supplier, CITC, is kinda busy sometimes. So we need 1 or more supplier from US and Dubai.

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Diabete signs

In my magazine it said that some signs of diabetes is when your thirsty and you need the toilet more and I have like every sign but my parents say its probably nothing but im not sure, how could I be postitive I dont have it without going to a doctor o...

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Can I get diabetes from eating junk food?

I've been thinking lately that I might have diabetes. I have some of the symptoms. someone told me that I may have it because of the food I eat. at lunch I eat like a lot of junk food because at school we have nothing esle. could that be why? Can I get...

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Wanting Diabetes name is Briana and I m mellondissco's friend. Mi madre wouldn't let me get my own funadvice account so I'm using my friend's. I just wanted to know if there is any way to get type one diabetes. Not fake it but actually get it. Thank You!!!

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Is this letter asking me to check if I am diabetic? (read more)

"according to our records,, it is time for your next HgbA1C. this blood test indicates how well your diabetes treatment plan is controlling your blood sugar levels. Please call the clinic and schedule your diabetes follow up appointment.

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What supplies would a 7th grader need for school?

My sister already has 3 composition books, 4 mechanical pencils, 25 eraser tops, 6 highlighters, and 100 index cards. What else does she need?

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What are some ways to work out around the house without equipment?

Hey I been on a diet and it;s working out pretty good ,I need to start exercising though and I dont have any money foe=r gym equipment.what could I do around the house to lose weight?

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Brand bias with baby equipment?

Would you moms out there rather have a 2nd hand (still clean, good condition) name brand baby equiptment (peg perego, britax, etc.) or new, more generic things (cosco or graco)?

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Breastmilk supply

I mostly pump and sometimes nurse. Is it true that the more you pump the more you will produce? I'm not sure it's completely true. At the end of the day I don't get any more milk by pumping 3 or 4 times a day than I do if I only pumped once in the eve...

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why doctors wont diognose if I have diabetes ?

well I keep going to the doctor asking why I keep blacking out and fainting and I still get no answer we try to get me test but all my doctor tells my mom..."they have no certian test for diabetes"... im getting sick of always feeling like im gunna pas...

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how is diabetes connected to the liver?

so i heard this guy at the place i work at say has liver problems because he found out hes starter diabetic(type 2). i was worried cause my mom has liver problems and all her doctor says is exercise. while this guy is being refereed to a specialist. i ...

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What is a good name for a blog about decorating school supplies?

I have so many ideas for decorating and personalizing school supplies/lockers and I want to start a blog! Ive been sitting here for an hour thinking of names but I'm stuck! I want it to be something cute and girly but to the point about the whole decor...

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Are Art Supplies A Good Gift To Get For A Four Year Old's Birthday?

How do I know what to get my grandson for his next birthday? He's turning
four in May, and I'd like to make sure I get him the right kind of gift
for his birthday. His dad (my son) says he likes to play games, read, and
already has tons of toys. Do ...

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I just found out my dad has type 2 diabetes..

He just called on the phone, since I don't live with him, and he said that he has type 2 diabetes! He was in the hospital because he was dehydrated and now he has to take medication. I'm so scared for him and I don't know anything about diabetes, can i...

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What is the difference between diabetes and hypoglycemia?

What is the difference between hypoglycemia and diabetes? I'm hypoglycemic but I've been told that I'm not diabetic. My doctor failed to really inform me on how much the two are related. I've been researching it online and from what I've found, soun...

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How much supplies might I need?

Hi this time me and my art group are trying to build a life size canoe and a person fishing and I want an idea of how much duck tape wire and pvc pipe I would need thanks for the advice this site rocks!!

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