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How to I turn on a disabled computer?

I have a older version computer that when iturn it on it say it disable how do ii enable it

12 views · Computers & Tech

What makes iPods so special?

What makes iPods so special??? All of the people that I know think that they are awesome, but I can't figure out how to use them!

61 views · Computers & Tech

people pick on me because I'm in special education classes can you

everyone picks on me just becouse iam in special ed classes what should I do?

40 views · Education & School


How do you get on disability,
and would severe depression and rheumatoid arthritis make me eligable?

59 views · Jobs & Money

If I fall down on the street can I get disability from my job.

If I fall down on the street and I can not work can I get disability from my job or not.
Any answer is welcome thank you.

56 views · Jobs & Money

A Special Kind?

Is there a special kind of bakin soda you should use to brush your teeth with to make them whiter?

17 views · Beauty & Style

What are my chances of getting disability for being bipolar?

What are my chances of getting disability because I'm bipolar? How long would it take to get it started?

169 views · Jobs & Money

Are you planning anything special for Valentine's Day?

anyone planning anything special 4 v-day?

8 views · Love & Relationships

Special K Diet, Who's tried it?

did it work? How much did you loose and how long did it take?

15 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Special friends

Why everytime I have a sex buddy
And a girlfriend that we dont even talk about sex
Is there no inbetween

12 views · Sex NSFW

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