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Diabetic equipment & supplies

How much does it cost for baby supplies?

Do you know how much diapers would cost,baby formula,and just supplies
For a baby.???

I tried looking on and target but it
Didn't have anything like that on there???!!!

31 views · Shopping

Diabetes and urine

Well I have two questions. #1- is if there is sugar in your urine, will it look the same or will there be a difference. #2- When there are ketones in your urine, what would it smell like?

87 views · Health

What do you guys feel about adding lithium to the public water supply?

I found this on the Huffington post and well, I want to know what you guys think about it :)

17 views · Politics & Law

Type One Diabetics!!!

Anyone have type one diabetes?
Do you have the pump or do you use insulin shots.
Which do you think is better? I use insulin shots
but its too much of a hassle and everyone tells
me I should switch to using the pump, any

7 views · Health

What are some good foods that I can get a good supply of potassium from other than bananas?

I want to include more of these foods because they're energizing and they give you those gorgeous half moons on your fingernails :)

9 views · Nutrition & Fitness

Where can I get the best deals on school supplies?

I'm going back to school in 2 weeks and I keep seeing commercials from various stores about deals they have, what are some of the best?

10 views · Shopping

Diagnosed with pre diabetes, how do I know what type it is?

I was diagnosed with pre diabetes and the doctor said that the insulin in my body would not absorb so this leads to my question do I fall under which category type 1 or type2

22 views · Health

Is there a form of diabetes transfered genetically?

Just asking because my mom just got diagnosed a diabetic and she is a very healthy person, like barely any junk food(if any) and drinks nothing but tea and water...

33 views · Health

What's wrong with my eMachine power supply?

my old emachine motherboard comes on but the power supply gives me probelms and i would like to know why because i want to use this tower for my home network system

37 views · Computers & Tech

Who can tell me important stuff about diabetes?

I have noticed that I have some symptoms of diabetes. I am seeing a doctor (maybe) and I was hoping you guys could help me out with some givaways you had or know about and what it's like when your hyperglycemic? PLEASE help this is very important for m...

15 views · Health

What would happen if a non-diabetic took a shot of insulin ?

My aunt is a diabetic, & i'm just curious of what would happen. Could it kill you ? Brain damage, heart problems, whaaaaaa ?

15 views · Health


I'm hypoglycemic. I was diagnosed last November. I was doing some more research and read somewhere that hypo. can turn into diabetes. The only thing is is that my doctor never said anything like this to me. Can hypo. actually turn into diabetes?

13 views · Health

Diabetic Goth

Every time I feel sleepy or slow,I always get the feeling my blood sugar is low,is this a sign I am a diabetic? Is there anyway I can find out if I'm a diabetic without going to the doctors?

20 views · Health

Could it be possible for me to have diabetes at my age (young teen)?

i looked online and i have a few of the symtoms, and i dont have a great diet, and im not that fit. But im not overweight, if anything im under weight.?

7 views · Health

Type 1 Diabetes

I was just diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on Friday.
I'm allowed to have three, 1 to two carb snacks each day
in between meals.
Do you know any good snacks that are quick and easy
and MUST be under 2 carbs.

15 views · Health

What is the best online pet supplies store?

Preferably in the UK or with delivery to the UK. ^-^ Which sites have the best deals? [I'm looking for an explorer cage, if that makes any difference] xD Thank you ^0^

19 views · Pets & Animals

School Supply Lists

I am going to Legacy High School and I cant seem to find a school supply list. I've googled Legacy High School supply lists and nothing comes up. I've gone to and it has a link to Supply list. But when I click on it, it doesnt work. Can you...

32 views · Education & School

Could anyone suggest a store that supplies string?

Ok, I'm looking for string for friendship bracelets, you the ones you make at camp. Could anyone suggest a store that supplies string? Preferably a chain store that would have a store in my town.

14 views · Shopping

Cat with diabetes

I think my cat has diabetes. Has anyone had a pet with diabetes? Can you tell me what your experience was like? Are they still happy even with the insulin shots? Is it better to put them to sleep? I need help and I am very upset.
Thank you

55 views · Pets & Animals

How can I get money for this equipment I need?

I need 200$ to buy my equipment for karte class but my parents cant afford it but I really want to so is there any job that you guys suggest please I beg I realy want ot and before aug 24

10 views · Jobs & Money

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