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Drafting supplies

Homecoming garter?

Ok I am going to make a garter for my boyfriend for homecoming, but I've never made one before so what all supplies do I need??

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What is so wrong with doing your own nose piercings at home?

Whar is so wrong with doing your own nose piercings at home? I did mine on my own, with all of the supplies santized, and I also did not use a earing gun, just a nose ring.

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where to buy sherri international hair systems?

This hair product was purchased in a beauty supply store in Washington DC. Where to locate this hair product?

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Computer Audio

I recently changed out my power supply and fan and when everything was put back together, I no longer have an audio. what happened?

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Outreach project

Our church is doing an outreach to give away school supplies to area students. we want it to have a catchy name but are at a loss. any suggestions?

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Stupid Fun Mail

HAHA My Fun Mail Still Isn't Working GRRR :( I don't have a message in my email and I checked in Drafts and Garbage or whatever. :(

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What are the pros and cons of same-sex marriage?

I am doing a report and need serious help! I need 5 pros and 5 cons and do not have a lot of information that will help me. this isnt the report its a draft helpp

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What jobs/careers could be good for a student of CADD?

I am currently taking CADD (Computer Archtecture Drafting and Design) at my school, and it intrests me a lot

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Inequalities... Please help

SOOO, I have a Math Problem I really need Help with.
Hope you can helppp :DDD

Some students want to start a business that cleans and polishes cars. It takes 1.5 hours of labor and costs $2.25 in supplies to clean a car. It takes 2 hours of labor an...

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I heard sweating cleans out thc in youre body

I heard sweating cleans out thc in youre body so you think.Would a hot tub becouse it supplies heat and saunas and both of them make you sweat clean out thc out of youre system?

784 views · Health NSFW

what should I do to my Converse?

okay, I have a pair of black converse all stars with red stitching, my supplies to punk them out are: 1 paperclip, 1 black Sharpie, and 7 safety pins. what should I do to my converse?

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Why is Halal and Kosher meat still ritually killed in the sacrificial manner?

...when sheep are in plentiful supply and the element of sacrifice is therefore absent?

29 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Where to Buy Duty Free Electronics for Diplomats?

Please let me know an online store from Middle East which supplies duty free products to diplomatic missions?

11 views · Shopping

Is Wikipedia true?

is wikipedia true on the wrestlers, I mean like on their biography and stuff. I heard that their not that trustworthy of a site, so does anyone who does the wrestlers pages on there and do they supply the right info

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The End Of Oil.

Are any of you aware the worlds oil supply is going to be gone sooner than expected. and that about 95 percent of things around you were made from oil? - are you aware? afraid?

42 views · Environmental Issues

How can I prepare myself for an interview?

Tomorrow I have an interview at Staples (for those who don't know, its an office supplies store). Anyways I'm always scared of interviews because I'm shy and never know what to wear.

How can I prepare myself?

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My Kitten Was Spayed- Is she meant to be on painkillers?

My kitten was spayed yesterday and she was fine but today she is very sensitive (which is to be expected), but was my vet meant to supply me with any painkillers for her? She didn't give me anything for my kittens pain.

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Why do I discharge in my panties daily?

No odor, white like a milky color. my gyno said it is normal for me to produce this and I probably have an overactive supply.

469 views · Health

Picture of dorian grey

Im going to see the movie and im reading the book, is the book good and what is a rough draft of the story, like the fast version

11 views · Entertainment

Help how do I put in extensions?

I've just bought extensions that are in bulk, a long roll of hair I have 12 clips supplied do I cut my extensions into smaller bulksand then clip them in? Please help me

21 views · Beauty & Style

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