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Diabetic equipment & supplies

Spotting for 2 weeks!

Okay, here's my situation:

My mom won't let me go to the doctor because I don't have insurance and she says she's not shelling out a bunch of money for something that's probably no big deal.

BUT... Here's my 'deal':

For a year, I had been getting th...

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Read this and tell me if its okay as an article

When our world produces enough food to feed everyone, how can it be possible that every five seconds a child dies from hunger? “Abundance, not scarcity, best describes the world’s food supply,” states Food First, the Institute for Food and Development ...

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Short story +updated+ *Horror/Gore/murder*

There are only 3 questions on everyone’s lips
They speak them in slurs, as though saying them confirms them, makes them more real. Simple words horrify them, disgusts them. Three perfectly innocent
questions. Who's next? Where? Why?
But they are devoi...

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Medicare, medicaid, volunteering, not for profit

I've been thinking about this a lot and the more I see people struggle and other people take advantage, the more it makes me angry...perhaps I'm blowing this put of porportion but I really dont think I am , so I welcome feedback.
I used to do this vol...

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What do I do my son's 8th birthday?

My youngest son will be 8 on October 31st. He's always hated his birthday for many reasons.

1) It's on Halloween, so every 7th year he gets to here about how horrible the night is.

2) He's tired of being called a "devil baby" by ignorant Christian fa...

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How can I talk to my best friend about this?

My best friend and I have been talking for a year or so everyday. literally everyday...
I've liked him for a long time. Before we even started talking again. About three years ago I met him in a band that was just getting started. I take pictures for ...

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My aunt died about 2 years ago..

My aunt died about 2 years ago..

She was my heart soul everything..

About 9 years ago she fell & broke her knee & due to some of her conditions she couldnt walk anymore unless she had her walker.

She had Diabetes & many more illnesses..

I remember ...

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ex fiance and letting go

My fiance and I Were supposed to get married on Aug 16, 2008. I had a problem with a depersonalization disorder that caused me to lose reality for several months prior to the wedding. I did some things that I had no control over.. One being that my fia...

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A while back, I (Sebastian Szukalski) began to write a short story.

It developed into something I rather like, but I need some constructive criticism from the lovely people of FA. So, if anyone is bothered to read this, I'd greatly appreciate feedback. Please and tankyou :)

WARNING : contains dark themes such as in ...

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How am I going to make 10k now that I am going to be a DAD?

This post is not some sort of cheap attempt to get a measly few more views on my site from this community. I genuinely want your ideas on my situation.

My situation (A new beginning):

I just started an IT business a few months ago on the Gold Coast (...

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Who thinks I should get this Toshiba laptop, I really like it?

From Toshiba comes a portable powerhouse you can take with you anywhere you go. The 14.0" Satellite L645D laptop PC comes to you loaded with all the advanced features you expect from Toshiba. An AMD Athlon II P320 processor and 3GB of memory keep your ...

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Whats happening?

Alright, I only just turned 16 yesterday.. I'm having really bad issues with my mum & her boyfriend.. my mum and I have lived by our selves with each other ever since she broke up from her ex years and years ago when I was young as a one digit number.

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What do I do when me and my mom just aren't compatible people?

ok me and my mom never get into really big fights because I walk away, but that doesn't mean I don't feel extremly hurt over what she does. I am 15 and me and my mom are just at ends about everything. my grades are good but I hate her giving me praise ...

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What is the conflicts of this story? Please help!!!?


Squire tells the story of Keladry of Mindelan's years as a squire, between the ages of fourteen and eighteen. Having passed the "big examinations", Kel becomes a squire without a knight-master. While she becomes frustr...

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Please summarize this into your own words.

Please summarize this into your own words. Try to make it descriptive and please if you don't want to help then just don't answer. This is going to be graded and I will be in huge problem if I fail this. Please use special techniques and do note that i...

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Oil from bug poo?

What do you think of this? (from

AMERICANS could one day be filling their tanks with the genetically modified excretions of tiny bugs if one Silicone Valley start-up has its way.

LS9 says it is just one month away from beginning it...

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Do you believe Jimmy Carter was right?

Was he right in seeking to raise the fleet auto mileage standard to 48 miles per gallon by 1995? (Even U.S. automakers admitted at the time that they could easily achieve 30 mph by 1985.)

Was he right in telling Americans to turn down their thermost...

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Does anyone think this is a decent prolouge?

It's kinda long but if you have the time give it a read and tell me what you think. Note a couple of minor characters don't have any names at this point.
Craig Harper was silently fuming ‘surveillance? Surveillance? He was one of the last humans aliv...

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The Confederate flag--Why?

Why is it that people from the southwest use the confederate flag? I went to basic combat training in SC, and in one "class" they asked if anyone thought that it was racist to put the Confederate flag on their car or for it to be flown in front of fede...

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Is anyone willing to adhere to this?

"I am a Goth who cannot establish claims of an advanced age, although you cannot disregard of the Elder Goths, as they provide the foundation of the culture due to their unwavering endurance, although 'foundation' is apparent, yet is unfortunately quit...

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