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Is the National Academy of Future Physicians real?

Is this organization legit? I got a letter from them inviting me to attend some kind of event. Anyone else heard of them, or is this a scam?

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The Best Physicians Formulas?

Has Anyone experienced ANY of the Physicians Formula Items that work best for YOU?
It could be anything that you've tried from powder or liners or mascaras. .

Anything from that company that you've tried that works Best for you skin and looks?


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Do you believe someone could be a surgeon even if they can't handle the sight of a lot of blood and guts?

It fascinates me and the only thing standing in my way is the quesy-ness. Pretty much, is it possible to get over the quesy-ness?

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When a body part is severed from the body, how long do surgeons have to sew it back on if they can?

Im watching the Ringer and on here he has a couple of weeks to reattach the fingers (i know its just a movie, thats why im curious as to what the real time limit is)?

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S.A.T Question Life for Physician Susan La Fleshe

Life for Physician Susan La Fleshe was quite ___ when she returned to her omaha people : She had to treat a widely dispersed population with little ___.
A. Humdrum, Monotony
B.Draining, Difficulty
C.Frustrating, Hardship
D.Challenging, Assistance

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How long does it take to become a Pediatric Cardiologist?

When I was 5 I started watching discovery health and I have LOVED doctor shows. and when I was 9 I started watching "Grey's Anatomy"and I made up my mind I wanted to be a Pediatric Cardiologist. Now I'm 14 and I made that my goal for life. I don't care...

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Which is the best career?

whatd do you think is a better job
♥plastic surgeon

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what's like being any er physician or a paramedic?

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Which surgical specialty intrigues you the most, if you were to have one of these careers?

Cardio,(Heart surgeon)
Nuero,(Brain surgeon)
Peds,(Children surgeon)
Plastics,(Face/Skin Surgeon)
Ortho,(Bones surgeon person)
General,(Bit of everything)
For me I think Cardio or Nuero.

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Nurse practitioner

I want to be a pediatric nurse practitioner... Does anyone think its a bad job?

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What are the best medical schools/colleges in Washington?

For pediatrics and such. Doctors, and anesthesiologists. How much might they cost? Thanks.(:

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college decision?

If I wanted to become a brain surgeon or veternarian or pediatrician would syracruse university be a good college for me?

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Why do famous people get paid more than heroes?

Why do famous people get paid more then the people who save lives? Like cops, paramedics, surgeons, etc.

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How to make myself beautiful with plastic surgery?

What can I do to make myself beautiful.? I'm so unhappy with my looks. can anyone recommend a plastic surgeon who can do facial reconstruction and body contouring?

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What colleges in Alabama have the best nursing program?

I want to be a RN in pediatric oncology and I'm looking for a college with the best nursing program. I also want to stay in Alabama if possible. So what college would have the best nursing program?

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Breast Lift/Augmentation

Does anyone know personally or a close friend of yours that knows of a good/great Plastic Surgeon that does excellent work in the breast area? I would appreciate it, thanks.

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Brain Teaser

A man and his son were in an car accident. The man died on the way to the hospital, but the boy was rushed into surgery. The surgeon said "I can't operate, that's my son!" How is this possible?

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how do i get an internship in the medical field

im 13 . oregon. doesnt have to pay i just want expierence beforei go into high school in general pediatric

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How to prevent prescribed meds from showing up?

I take adderall 20 mg twice a day and klonopin 1 mg three times a day(prescribed by a physician). Is there anything I can do tonight that will prevent those meds from showing up in my urine test tomorrow?

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How could I be a pediatrician?

ok so thats not my real question. what I really want to know is if there are any current or aspiring pediatrcians, who can really tell me the 'everyday advetures' of a pediatrician. also does a pediatric diplomat make sense?

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