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What do you think of these assessments ?

What do you think of these assessments ?

Isn't it amazing that during the mad cow epidemic our government could track a single cow, born in Canada almost three years ago, right to the stall where she slept in the state of Washington? And, they tr...

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When 2 miscarriages/period late 6 days/ blood when I wipe?

My cycles have never been normal, even the january cycle was awkward, starting earlier than normal and lasting longer than usual. I have had 2 miscarriages, my last period was 01/08/10 and it is now 02/10/10. According to all of the "calendars" I'm 5-6...

34 views · Health

Two decade bjt-opamp cascade inverting voltage amplifier

Can somebody help me to find this kind of really appreciete your help

Only one bjt,one opamp ua741 and asingle power supply of 12v must be used. A 10k ohm load and an input signal will be connected via capacitors to the amp...

352 views · Computers & Tech

Best friend or not?

I have this friend. and well she kind of introduced me to a lot . like qoinq to clubs and church (well she drove me). she takes me to fancy restauraunts and out of state and thiings but shes never there for me like a real friend should. im only 13 so i...

16 views · Love & Relationships

Why do these creepy things happen to me?

Well, I was in I.T. and this cold draft started coming all of a sudden, and it wasnt as if it was a slight change in temperature it was a MAJOR difference (I had to put my jacket back on), so I asked my friend ffion who waas right next to me to feel ho...

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How would you confront a partner who isn't giving you an equal share in the business? (read more)

Well my moms friend started a business of her own and she told my mom directly "We're A Team", and my mom acknowledged it and went along. Well her pay isn't what she expected, and she kept her mouth shut until as of now she can't handle of what's going...

20 views · Jobs & Money

Who has read about BP's corruption, regarding the oil spill?

In the Doc's office yesterday, I read about how they've cut about a trillion corners regarding safety regulations and spill preventions. They supply the US military with oil, which is something to consider when thinking about their fine: 50 million, wh...

12 views · Environmental Issues

how can we get funding for transport to school?

i live in plymouth (england) and i am going back to school to do A levels and my friend is joining from a different school but we have a problem about transport, i live 3 miles away from the school and there is only one bus that goes there but now i am...

35 views · Education & School

Abusive Parents

My girlfriend and I are really close and everything, but I'm concerned about her parents, Her father is sexually abusive, he calls her cruel names such as sIut, b*tch, ect. He gropes her when he gets the chance and trys to kiss her passionately, And he...

16 views · Sex

Should I go to college??

Well...move in is on sunday and I am not sure if I want to go. I only applied to that school because of my used to be best friend b/c she was supposed to be my room-mate. She went thru all this drama with her family and kept using me and my sister's na...

16 views · Education & School

Does deregulation ever work?

Savings & Loans were deregulated in the 1980's and many went under costing taxpayers over $100 billion.

Airlines were deregulated which lead to airlines flying fewer routes, congested airports, most flights are late, and most of the major airlines n...

124 views · Politics & Law

Being more assertive

Well, the problem is that I'm too much of a damn push-over!!! I'll give you some examples of my " door-mat" manner:
1. A friend and I walked up to the convenience store over our lunch break at school. You have to wait in line to get in the store becaus...

16 views · Health

Does this make Sense?

A lot of people on this site have been saying stuff like,'There seem to be more Muslim extremists out there and every terrorist is a Muslim'.
I found this article.Does it change your opinion or smthin?It makes sense 2 me.

V iolence by extrem...

54 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

US Drinking Age (Change?)

As some of you may know there is a quite large petition going around to try and change the legal drinking age from 21 to 18, I'm curious to hear what everyone thinks about this matter, I myself think it would be bad, allowing 18yr old's to buy alcohol ...

102 views · Politics & Law

What do I need to know about living off the land in WA state?

I am currently living by the Cascades, however I plan to live off the land for some time. What plants can I eat, what is the best way to preserve food? No bullcrap of prepackaged food items as I plan on doing this for awhile. Would it be necessary to f...

9 views · Home & Garden

My dad is cheating on my mom

So, my dad has a job that requires a lot of business trips. Recently, he went to Boston for around a week and a half and my mom went with him. She got back on a Sunday night, I picked her up from the air port. My dad got home that Wednesday night. ...

33 views · Sex

What should I do about my nieghbor?

Okay heres the deal. I watch my neighbors kids on mondays and wednesdays, for FREE to help her out while shes going to school. Which makes my father in law have to drive 20 miles to pick my son up from school. In return she is supposed to mow my lawn, ...

41 views · Kids

My mom is going crazy

Hi my names David

Ok, so today was a really strange day, I got up at 10 (im still on summer break) and make my bed. My mom says I get up in a cranky mood which I can but besides that im a really nice kid, even my mom says that. I continue downstairss,...

70 views · Parents & Family

I think something happened to my closest friend whoes like grandma?

Well, if you all could give me some advice I'd appreciate it. Well, I've been trying to get ahold of my closest friend whoes like grandma since Sunday. She has a cell phone like myself and when I try calling her number, I either get a busy signal which...

88 views · Parents & Family

Why hasn't there been another 9/11 attack?

Every time I pick up the paper (yes, I still read things written by moveable, printed type) I read some story about how vulnerable this country is to another terrorist attack. It seems like any terrorist group with some money, expertise, and desire co...

64 views · Politics & Law

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