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Who likes my poem, tell me what you think ?

Ok, this is a poem about my ex. Just seeing who likes it...leave an "answer"

Now that's it over I can't even think about us or what we were. At the beginning I expected so much more and it’s finally come to this. I don’t even want to see you anymor...

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Do I pursue an old love or stay with my husband?

Ok, here's the back story. It's kind of long so bear with me. I had my first little "boyfriend" back when I was 13 and we dated for 6 months, going to the movies, little notes in the locker, dances and such. I cared for him like a close friend becaus...

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What should I say about the situation?

This girl has been my friend for 12 years. We used to do all kinds of this together. Jump roping, dance, street hockey...the list goes on. We wer best friends. But it seems like she changed. I know that when you get older, you change but she turne...

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Do I contact my ex-girlfriend that I miss so much??

This may be a long story but I am in so much need of advice. I met my ex girlfriend 2 years ago, she joined my work place and when I first met her I didn't even batter an eyelid, I just said hi and had no thoughts or instant feelings regarding an inter...

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Who thinks im in the wrong?

Okay. Currently right now im 17 years old, coming up for 18 in November. I am getting ready to sit my exams, and lose weight for prom, trying to get a job and trying to stay in contact with family, friends and my boyfriend. I study everynight for my ex...

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WWE Survey

Who is your favorite superstar and why?
- Randy Orton, because he's so cute and I love his wrestling moves. I also love the backstage scene of him and John Cena

Who is favorite Diva and why?
- Beth Phoenix, because she is so strong. She m...

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My Girlfriend wont go down on me.

My girlfriend and a I have been dating for about 6 months. shortly before I met her, she had a fling with this guy, and though she claims to have never had any real feelings for him, she got drunk one night and went down on him twice. early in our rela...

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Who think this girl really want to have sex with me?

Am asking this strange question cause I don't know no more. Before you decide let me fill you in on what going on. The story that will be told in this is a little long btw.

Ok my sister friend ( who live with us am not saying no age but she is not yo...

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You like my rap?

Nobody has a swagga like me;
Rippin the game like a great MC.
Puttin ya ta rest with a punch from me;
Hit ya in tha dome with a left knee.
Like the mayor I own the key;
Can’t ever take the town from me.
I’m so great with a swagga ya see;
Hold th...

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Does anyone else have such strict and controlling parents?

I was born & raised in the US, but my parents were from India. My father was very strict, verbally & physically abusive, controlling, antisocial, and possessive. I was under his rule until age 21 when I finally got up the nerve to stand up to him. Thou...

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How do I know if she likes me if she keeps giving out mixed signals?

Well here's the thing. I met this girl at a dancing event, yeah, she's a b-girl. I kinda liked her but didn't approach her that day. Anyway, I somehow got to know her name and then connected with her on Facebook. She replied and reciprocated quite well...

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music survey =)

put your ipod on shuffle.
press forward for each question.
use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense. NO CHEATING.

how do you feel today ?
Knock You Down-Keri Hilson ft Kayne West &Neyo

whats you...

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College, career, or love?

Hello! Thanks in advance for reading this.

I'm 21 years old and I graduated first in my class when I was in high school back in my hometown in Pennsylvania. After high school I moved to NYC and I completed a year of college at Fordham University an...

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His ex girlfriend

so my boyfriend of almost 6 months, his ex girlfriend is stil competely in love with him. she was the one to dump him and ever since she dumped him last year she keeps going up to him saying stuff like "we should get back together." now my boyfriend us...

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Need some career advice

Hello, My name is William, I'm 24 years old,british male from South Africa, I'm a bit confused what carreer or path I should follow.

Here is a bit about me.

I left S.A(Republic of South Africa) when I was 17 to go study and work in the UK, when I...

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which would you rather have/do?

red rose or white?
salt or pepper?
pink or blue?
hamburgers or hot dogs?
music or movies?
comedy or horror?
action or adventure?
summer or winter?
sun or stars?
hott or cute?
walk or run?
funny or romantic?
crunchy or crea...

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We've known each other for nearly 4 months, and we instantly clicked and flirted all over the place, according to my friends anyway.

The first time we met was a college event, and he was one of the voluntered dancers; he took my hand (We were just strangers to each other) and told me to dance along, and I said no playfully and he asked me again in a flirtous way.

We both got out ...

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Random xd rather be questions?

You rather be:
Gay or straight
Eyeliner or eyeshadow
Umbrella or rain on me
Doctor or die of cancer
Choker or diamond necklace
Aeropostale or hollister
Nike or dc's
Converse or vans
Green day or poison
Fast or slow
Purple or black
Big or small
Skinny ...

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Why does she put up with someone so jealous?

Hi Sue90,
After giving my situation with my best mate some consideraton I have decided to speak to the health advisor at our college for his advice, I have started to notice a change in my behaviour and my attitude, I am going of the rails at a lighti...

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When you meet someone wonderful..?

When you meet someone impeccable, you will feel exactly how it is I feel..
-secretively bashful..
-solitude, that you never imagined possible..

She's older than me, but I don't care..
You can't put an age ...

60 views · Art, Writing & Literature

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