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How can I make at least $200 for video camera and movie program?

I want this cool flip camcorder in hd. So I need to raise money. I dont get an allowance so watever lunch money my mom gives me I save. Its like 2 dollars. And I have like 65 dollars all in quarters. Since my dad doesnt really pay child support I dont ...

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Why wont my kitten drink water?

I have had my kitten for three days. She is very confident and comfortable around me & my mum. The first day she came she wouldnt eat the food(dry) we gave her which was exactly them same from the petshop, and wouldnt drink a thing! The next day we bou...

62 views · Pets & Animals

Is he lying??

This random girl got a wrong number an txtd my boyfriend. Well he sent me a fwd msg from her an I asked if he talks to her an he said no. I looked at his phone an there wasn't any messages from her not even the one he sent me but they didn't auto delet...

12 views · Love & Relationships

Need to give an informative speech for college?

I need to give an informative speech for college.
Well, the instructor for the speech class I'm taking for college is having us choose a topic to give a informative speech on. She said that it could be something we are comfortable with and something w...

63 views · Education & School

What are some good arpil fools day pranks?

A member of my family has been away on buissness and is coming home tonight. As it is april fool day we are trying to figure out a good buyable prank. We thought about telling him the dog got run over while he was on his flight home, but we thought he ...

28 views · Entertainment

What do you think of my poem about moving from one location to another?

I hate it myself, we are moving the our Allen spa and I had to write a little poem about it. This is the first draft, subject to change with varying annoyance leave.

Moving day

Packing crap for places unknown.
Moving sucks, away we go.
Have a ...

92 views · Art, Writing & Literature

How do I get "In Your Face!" blue hair?

I've been trying to get that bright "In Your Face!" blue(a.k.a. electric blue) hair without useing real hair dye. The kind that EVERYONE has to look at, and I somewhat acheived it, but only because my natural hair color is blonde, and it was more green...

52 views · Beauty & Style

Is this a good gaming PC?

I am about to buy a gaming desktop pc and I want to make sure I buy one worth while. I plan is to have one custom build for best performance and graphics. So I want to know if these system components excel in both of those areas. Here`s the list...


27 views · Gaming & Games

Is my house really haunted?

Is my house haunted?
I have heard things being hrown around andthings banging against my door so I opend it and there is nothing on the other side...there are lots of times when I get cold spots in my house..
I have heard my name called..I have heard h...

56 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

Good ways to find adoptive families for kittens.

Does anyone know of places other than the humane society, and just putting up postings for finding loving homes for kittens? I am in michigan. I do understand the risk involved in just putting up postings and the danger it could put the kittens (whom t...

21 views · Pets & Animals

Know any blonde jokes?

Post some !:) Don't take offence, I'm blonde. They're just funny !

Q: Why do Blondes wear earmuffs?
A: To avoid the draft.

Q: Why did the blonde stare at the can of frozen orange juice for two hours?
A: Because the can said "concentrate" on it.

Q: H...

70 views · Entertainment

Is there a specific way to become a Wiccan?

Ok, so I've done so much research into Wicca online, and I'm going to the Library sometime soon, and I'll look for some books there. My brother is a Wiccan, I haven't seen him in a while, but he said that the next time he sees me, he will take me to a ...

26 views · Religion, Spirituality & Folklore

m0t0rcr0ss, HELP!!!

0k s0 I have been begging my m0m 4 years 2 d0 m0t0rcr0ss, sense I was liek 9 and n0w she has finally agreed I am 0ld en0ugh... I kn0 I need a bike and I have 2 race fas 2 win duh!!! but I need help! (I want the best 0f the best supplies!!!)
1.)What d0...

12 views · Sports & Activities

Land Covering the Earth

At present I beleive that Land covers about 25 percent of the Earth. I have heard how Dubai is making so many large artifiical islands, made out of natural materials, such as Palm Jumeriah, The World Islands, The Dubai Waterfront etc. I heard some of...

43 views · Science

who knows anything about BMW alternator?

I recently toke a 3000 Km trip through Mozambique with a 650 gs Dakar. I bought a new battery after the first day. Which lasted 80 km, then the bike died on me. I disconnected the lights and got the bike started again. But I drove only 500 m before it ...

16 views · General Knowledge

Dog aggression

I have a 5 year old miniature schnauzer who means the world to me. Sadly, our area is changing, and he has been attacked three times by different dogs off the leash. Thankfully we got help each time and he is okay. When he was attacked, he didn't ev...

43 views · Pets & Animals

Are these Desktop Components Compatible?

I want to know if all these gaming pc components will work perfect together...

Western Digital Caviar SE WD2500JB 250GB 7200 RPM IDE Ultra ATA100 Hard Drive - OEM
XFX PVT88PYDF4 GeForce 8800GT 512MB 256-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Su...

18 views · Computers & Tech

How to deal with frizzy, wavy hair?

It's not the worst hair in the world, but I feel it looks just awful unless I straighten, or curl it. Curling is very difficult unless I use 101 products on my hair, and I just don't have the money to go out and buy even the cheapest of supplies. Strai...

66 views · Beauty & Style

Should I be mad at my man saving an old poem?

So while I was saving a draft I had done on my fiance's computer, I saw an unfamillar file, so I clicked it. I read one of the messages on their and it was a love poem he wrote to some girl a while back. While I was reading it I started to cry becaus...

47 views · Art, Writing & Literature

How are we going to afford this??

Im 17 and my mom is crazy and im getting out of the house as soon as I turn 18. Im going to move in with my boyfriend, he just bought a house and it was 80,000. he has a job and im going to get a job as soon as I turn 18. we have 2 dogs to feed and a c...

21 views · Jobs & Money

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